Webinar: Diagnostic Data and AI as a Catalyst for Health System Decision Making

Diagnostic Data and AI as a Catalyst for Health System Decision Making

Diagnostic data is transformative and underutilized. Diagnostic claims and financial data – by its sheer volume – is ripe for harvesting insights that could be a catalyst for health system decision making. Identifying leading indicators such as payor behavior and reimbursement trends can assist outreach programs and laboratories in optimizing their processes, and better managing their bottom-line. However, those insights should be shared back into the larger health system as a potential catalyst for health system business decisions such as payor negotiations, services, test menu expansion, and patient and physician engagement initiatives.

Xtelligent Healthcare Media invites hospital and health system executives and department leaders of finance, accounting, revenue cycle management, ancillary services, and outreach programs to view the on-demand webinar, "Diagnostic Data and AI as a Catalyst for Health System Decision Making." Executives from XIFIN, Inc. discuss how they manage, organize, and analyze more than $40 billion of diagnostic claims annually.

Key Takeaways:

  • How revenue cycle related analytics from health systems ancillary services are an untapped source of business insight and competitive advantage
  • That AI-enabled analytics of ancillary services can inform health systems decision making by providing business intelligence on topics such as payor behavior as leading indicators, reimbursement trends, potential financial impacts, and profitability opportunities
  • How outreach programs and other ancillary services can support health systems with cost reduction initiatives and improve revenues
  • The four questions that should be addressed in order to ensure a solid business intelligence foundation for diagnostic data
  • The types of analytical insights from diagnostic claims and financial data that may provide impetus to health system decision-making

Featured Speakers

Kyle Fetter
Executive Vice President & General Manager of Diagnostic Services

Jeff Carmichael
Vice President of Engineering