Webinar: Hidden Landmines in Lab Revenue Cycle Management Revealed

Hidden Landmines in Lab Revenue Cycle Management Revealed

Did you know that the metrics you review every month could be misleading?

A number of trends in payor behaviors and reimbursement go unnoticed due to outdated revenue cycle management (RCM) practices. Even known areas of reimbursement deficiency, such as medical necessity denials or increasing patient bad debt, can be easily neglected due to lack of resources or knowledge of an effective resolution. With layers of complexity in RCM, it’s pertinent that diagnostic providers understand the challenges that may unknowingly be impacting revenue.

XIFIN and Pathology Service Associates experts held a complimentary live webinar titled, “Hidden Landmines in Lab Revenue Cycle Management Revealed,” in which they discussed the top financial trends and obstacles in the industry, and how laboratories can better manage each of those challenges.

Who should view this presentation?

Executives and senior leaders responsible for billing, revenue cycle management, or financial performance of clinical laboratories, molecular diagnostic organizations, pathology practices and hospital outreach or outpatient laboratories.

During this 60-minute webinar, participants will learn:

  • The devil in the details: Trends in denials and shifts in patient responsibility
  • Measuring 3 key benchmarks to understand the full scope of your RCM performance
  • Catching payor errors through intelligent processing and fighting for corrective action
  • Reducing patient bad debt through effective engagement
  • Appealing Medical Necessity: Successful tactics for countering a CO50 denial
  • Future Considerations: Calculating direct and incremental costs and assessing profitability
  • Contractual and regulatory drivers, such as EKRA and recent discussions around Surprise Billing


Diana Richard
Director, Anatomic Pathology Program Development

Stephanie Denham
Senior Director, New Customer Accounts

Al Sirmon
Pathology Practice Advisors, LLC




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