Webinar: How to Calibrate Hospital Lab Financial Performance


How To Calibrate Lab Performance

Hospital lab financial performance is hampered by technologies and processes architected to manage high-dollar, low-volume claims. As a result, millions of dollars in high-volume, low-dollar claims are left on the table. The impact is particularly acute as hospitals face added margin pressure due to staffing issues.

Becker's Hospital Review hosted a complimentary webinar featuring a XIFIN expert panel titled, "How to Calibrate Hospital Lab Performance," in which the biggest RCM challenges facing the lab, along with proven solutions that consistently boost financial performance by 20%, were discussed.

Participants will learn:

  • How to quantify the biggest RCM challenges facing hospital labs
  • Proven solutions for boosting financial performance, including automated discovery, prior authorization, error correction, payer management, and appeals
  • How tailored reporting capabilities help finance executives, RCM leaders, and lab directors make more informed decisions

XIFIN Featured Speakers

Harley Ross
Chief Commercial Officer

Stephanie Denham
AVP, RCM Systems and Analytics


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