Webinar: Leveraging Cloud-Based Technologies to Grow Your Laboratory Business

More and more, laboratories of all types are turning to cloud computing to minimize time and resources that are dedicated to managing and maintaining complex hardware and software environments. Standardizing on cloud-based technologies is a strategic decision. In this free webinar, Fritz Gartner, CEO of Applied Diagnostics, will discuss how to standardize your laboratory with cloud-based solutions to improve operational efficiencies and position your organization to seamlessly address the challenges of new technologies.

Listen to this 40-minute complimentary on-demand webinar to

  • Understand the benefits and trade-offs of cloud-based solutions
  • Get insight on how to choose the right cloud vendor
  • Learn how Applied Diagnostics is using these solutions to transform data into knowledge
  • Identify opportunities for your own organization


Fritz Gartner
Applied Diagnostics 

Fritz Gartner is the CEO of Applied Diagnostics - a full service blood cancer testing laboratory specializing in flow cytometry, cytogenetics, FISH and molecular testing; and is also the founder of SalesWIP LLC – a web based sales forecasting software company. With a 20+ year career, focusing on strategy, execution ,and action based leadership, Fritz Gartner accepted the leadership role at Applied Diagnostics to help build a healthcare business in an era of big data, genetics and convergent software systems – often based in the cloud.


Joseph Nollar
AVP, LIS Product Development

Joe Nollar is AVP of LIS Product Development for XIFIN. Until its acquisition by XIFIN in 2013, he had served as CIO of PathCentral, directing all commercial laboratory information system software development. From 2001 to 2009, Joe was the founder and President of eTeleNext, a full-service provider of web-based laboratory information systems (LIS), until it was acquired by PathCentral. From 1996 to 2000, Joe Nollar worked as a consultant in KPMG’s Consumer Assets practice, leading strategic and tactical engagements for Fortune 100 financial services institutions.



Fritz Gartner, CEO, Applied Diagnostics 


Joseph Nollar, Director, LIS Product Development, XIFIN, Inc.