Webinar: Precision Medicine Informatics: Key Research Findings and Emerging Best Practices - 2019 Study

Is your precision medicine program leveraging the power of data? Are you considering embarking on an informatics journey to boost your precision medicine program but don't know where to start? Have an informatics strategy or platform but still have challenges with data?

Precision medicine informatics (PMI) is a relatively new field with many lessons to be learned and best practices to be established. That's why XIFIN and the Journal of Precision Medicine partnered on a precision medicine informatics study earlier this year.

Hear Sandra Greefkes, AVP of Product Marketing, and XIFIN informatics experts Patricia Goede, Ph.D. and Emerson Borsato, Ph.D. in the on-demand webinar recording, "Precision Medicine Informatics: Key Research Findings and Emerging Best Practices — 2019 Study."

You will learn:

  • PMI adoption trends and the PMI capabilities your peers are implementing
  • Which technological shortfalls are driving the biggest challenges for precision medicine programs
  • How those challenges differ between PMI professionals and the patient-facing practitioner
  • What types of data your peers have integrated or are planning on integrating
  • What real world data is being used for now and in the future
  • The business drivers and the value derived from PMI programs
  • Emerging PMI best practices


Patricia Goede, Ph.D.
VP, Clinical Informatics

Emerson Borsato, Ph.D.
Sr Software Engineer

Sandra Greekfes
AVP, Product Marketing


Nigel Russell
President, Editor in Chief and Founder
The Journal of Precision Medicine