Laboratory Information System

Laboratories are grappling with their role in the changing healthcare environment.

Value-based healthcare, ongoing reimbursement compression, exponential growth in personalized medicine, and new interoperability and information-sharing/reporting requirements all are placing additional demands on laboratories. In this environment, laboratories are looking to their technology infrastructure to support new initiatives, drive out inefficiencies, and improve their service offerings. As backbone technology for laboratories, laboratory information systems (LIS) must be architected to meet these new demands.

XIFIN LIS Anywhere

XIFIN LIS Anywhere is the most advanced laboratory information system available today. With the XIFIN technology platform as its foundation, XIFIN LIS Anywhere facilitates the open but secure exchange of diagnostic, financial, and clinical information. Its cloud-based diagnostic platform connects all laboratory operational components, including test ordering, lab workflow management, transcription, reporting, billing, and financial management within a single, easy-to-use, platform.

Whether your facility is an early-stage MDx laboratory, an established lab experiencing growth, or a mature lab looking to gain efficiencies and develop new revenue streams, XIFIN LIS Anywhere is the perfect laboratory information system solution.

With XIFIN LIS Anywhere, new business models are easily integrated into an efficient, seamless workflow environment providing labs with access to:

New Revenue Models

Use multi-entity architecture and dynamic workflow design to separate technical and professional components for revenue sharing programs.

Comprehensive Reports

Combine all individual testing results into a single comprehensive summary report

Secondary Consult

Offset reduced reimbursement with new secondary consult revenue through secure, cost-effective digital pathology collaboration

Esoteric Testing Modules

Expand services with flexible workflow and reporting programs for FISH, Flow, IHC, Cytogenetics, Molecular testing

Digital Pathology

Integrate digital pathology workflow with analytics tools and reporting solution with TCPC options

Integrated Billing Solutions

Provide clients with a fully integrated billing solution without having to create expensive, time consuming, complex, billing interfaces

EMR Interfacing

Interface with client EMRs

Data & Workflow Management

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XIFIN LIS Anywhere enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment. Additionally, cloud-based architecture removes costly IT requirements, easily scales to meet the needs of laboratories of any size, and facilitates collaboration and information sharing across systems in a two-way "digital conversation."

In as little as 45 days, XIFIN LIS Anywhere can be integrated and configured to connect all laboratory operational components allowing for a global, real-time view of lab activities and the automation of critical workflow steps including:

This connectivity allows for a single point of entry for all laboratory processes via an intuitive, laboratory-friendly solution. Streamlining these procedures and increasing efficiencies allows laboratory staff to focus their time on improving patient care and outcomes, and less time on data entry and paper shuffling.

  • Accessioning
  • Test Ordering
  • 'Cradle-to-Grave' Barcode-Based Specimen Tracking
  • Transcription
  • Workflow Management
  • Comprehensive Summary Reporting
  • EMR Integration

Adopting Cloud-Based Technology: Key Considerations for CEOs

Learn more about the trends driving adoption of cloud-based technology solutions. Standardizing on cloud-based technologies is a strategic decision. Learn how one laboratory is using cloud technology across its entire organization, enabling it to participate in the value-based model while scaling its operations from a local provider to a regional business.

  • Learn how to standardize your laboratory with cloud-based solutions
  • Improve operational efficiencies & position your organization to seamlessly address the challenges of new technologies
  • Understand the benefits & trade-offs of cloud-based solutions
  • Get insight on how to choose the right cloud vendor
  • Learn how to transform data into knowledge
  • Identify opportunities for your own organization

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Comprehensive Consolidated Reports

Maximize your value and impact: Combine all individual testing results into a single comprehensive summary report.

Available Modules

Anatomic Pathology

Amid changing healthcare models, pathologists are seeing increasing demand for comprehensive reporting, collaboration, and data sharing to support multi-disciplinary teams.

Workflow modules for anatomic pathology market include:


Gyn Cytology

Non-Gyn Cytology



Bone Marrow Morphology

Clinical & Toxicology

Clinical and toxicology laboratories are under pressure to optimize operational efficiencies in an increasingly challenging reimbursement environment. Higher throughput without compromising quality requires a flexible laboratory information system that can manage significant workflow variety, actively manage worklists and sample progress and take advantage of electronic connectivity from the EMR through the billing process.

Workflow module for clinical & toxicology market include:​

Clinical & Toxicology

Molecular Diagnostics

Rapid growth in molecular diagnostic (MDx) testing and complementary services is being driven by the advancement in human genotyping and a transition to a value-based care model. This expansion is creating data and workflow management, reporting, compliance, and testing modality reimbursement policy issues that must be solved for today’s MDx labs to thrive.

Workflow modules for molecular diagnostics market include:​

Flow Cytometry





The frequency and cost of adverse drug events (ADEs), coupled with a shift towards a value-based healthcare model is forcing a rapid change in the healthcare landscape. As a result, pharmacogenomics (PGx) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) are seeing increased utility and application in the clinical environment.

To take advantage of this growth opportunity, PGx and NGS focused laboratories must be equipped to solve the data and workflow management, reporting, compliance, and testing modality reimbursement policy issues that are being created.

Workflow modules for genomics market include:​




Boost Your Lab's Revenue Stream with an Effective TCPC Program


To help counteract ongoing lab revenue constriction, TCPC programs are a smart way for labs to drive new revenue and build stronger partnerships with physician clients.


View this XIFIN-hosted information-packed webinar that explains how to drive new revenue and build stronger relationships with clients and partners with a TCPC program.


Get the datasheet on how technical component and professional component (TCPC) programs are a smart way for labs to drive new revenue sources as well as to build stronger partnerships with physician clients.

XIFIN Technology Platform

A Technology Foundation for Success

The XIFIN technology platform gives diagnostic service providers the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness of both clinical and business decisions. Web-native, the XIFIN platform links the many different stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare, optimizing both business and patient outcomes.

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“What's better? Me with an IT dept that is stretched thin or a company like XIFIN, that has a dedicated staff to develop a product and a staff to defend themselves. Security and these related issues will be better handled by those vendors. And the better solution is cloud for that reason.”

Fritz Gartner

CEO, Applied Diagnostics

“One of the nice features of XIFIN LIS Anywhere is that it allows you to take information that the pathologist is trying to convey to the oncologist and put it right up front. And then all the back pages are the details behind each of the different additional testing that’s done.”

Dan Angress

CEO, Angress Consulting

Compliance and Revenue Management

Powered by the XIFIN HEO Platform, XIFIN LIS Anywhere allows for seamless integration into the full suite of XIFIN solutions designed to meet the complex needs of today’s laboratories.


Our comprehensive revenue performance management solution features workflow functionality designed to help laboratories maximize their claims.

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Our physician collaboration solution facilitates virtual and real-time, secure collaboration between diagnostic laboratories and multidisciplinary teams.

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Business Intelligence

Our world-class, enterprise-level financial and operational BI tool uses real-time dashboards and reports to provide timely, accurate insight into business performance.

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