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Laboratory Information System

The award-winning XiFin LIS is a fully scalable SaaS-based laboratory information system that offers multi-specialty workflows, a comprehensive toolset, flexible and secure connectivity and leading-edge capabilities that optimize high volume and complex testing labs.

Helping Labs Create More Value and Better Integrate with the Broader Healthcare Ecosystem

In response to value-based and patient-centered coordinated care models, the healthcare industry is shifting. Accelerating the shift is the exponential growth in the adoption of genomic testing and personalized medicine using next-generation sequencing (NGS). Laboratories must adapt their existing processes to meet the challenge of implementing and reporting these high complexity tests. Since diagnostic insights have the potential to reduce overall healthcare costs and improve patient care – it is crucial that laboratories better integrate with the healthcare ecosystem. These demands are driving the need for more interaction and greater communication across all healthcare and diagnostic providers.

In this environment, a SaaS-based LIS is a critical and central component of an efficient laboratory operations strategy. Laboratories need their technology infrastructure to support new initiatives such as NGS data analytics & reporting as well as artificial intelligence (AI) in digital pathology in addition to optimizing their operations to enable them to easily respond to changing business demands such as the need for prior-authorization services. There’s no doubt that a laboratory’s LIS is the day-to-day workhorse and must be architected to meet these new demands. Those that are proactively addressing challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry view their LIS as a critical success factor and an investment.

New Revenue Models

XiFin LIS increases laboratory testing capacity, shortens turnaround time, enables the creation of new revenue models, improves operational efficiencies, and makes it easier to connect to other healthcare partners. XiFin's modular approach provides laboratories the flexibility to choose only those workflows they require to meet their immediate needs and to readily add more when required to scale.

Esoteric Testing Modules

Expand services with flexible workflow and reporting programs for FISH, Flow Cytometry, IHC, Cytogenetics, Molecular testing and Next Generation Sequencing.

TC/PC Splits

Use multi-entity architecture and dynamic workflow design to easily separate technical and professional components of diagnostic tests for revenue sharing programs.

Secondary Consultation Opportunities

Offset reduced reimbursement with new secondary consultation revenue through secure, cost-effective digital pathology consultation.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Ultimate Workflow Visibility

See what tests are being run, where they are in the process, and what steps are next. Use the well plate mapping feature to seamlessly track specimen location within plates. XiFin LIS maintains a full audit trail that documents who did what and when and what changes were made to the sample.

Highly Configurable Solution Delivers the Flexibility You Need

Leverage end-user configuration toolsets to manage workflow updates, user privileges and dynamic elements such as reference ranges and reagent information. Input screens can be tailored to capture unique data elements for case-specific reporting requirements. Batch processing at the accessioning, testing, results reviewing, and reporting steps create new efficiencies for high volume laboratories.

Access from Anywhere and Always Up to Date

XiFin LIS is hosted at the premier Tier 5 co-location facility, built on high availability architectures, and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, SaaS delivery ensures you will always be using the latest version, without ever having to deal with maintenance or costly, time-consuming software updates.

Advanced Capabilities Extend the LIS Beyond the Laboratory

Multidisciplinary Care Team Collaboration

To support collaboration and consultation, multidisciplinary team members including pathologists, radiologists, and oncologists can securely upload and share whole slide digital images, genomic test results, radiologic DICOM images, and other relevant patient data in preparation for patient tumor boards. Increased collaboration among health care teams has been shown to improve quality of care resulting in better patient outcomes. Advanced quality reporting capabilities that document clinical improvement activities and collaboration can improve reimbursement for pathologists.

Universal Image Management

Real-time and secure exchange of medical images eliminates the need to ship glass slides and patient documentation to other locations, drastically reducing the risk of loss or unauthorized access to patient data. XiFin’s proprietary image annotation technology allows users to non-destructively add captions and labels to images and other types of data. Secure electronic access to medical images in conjunction with automated workflows also reduces delays and eliminates cost.

Digital Pathology Consultations

Pathologists can extend their digital pathology consultation capabilities outside their practice or hospital system to easily offer or solicit secondary consults in a sub-specialty. Pathologists can collaborate and consult with colleagues across campus and around the world, in real time. With access to the secure network from anywhere there is internet access, pathologists can increase opportunities to work together on complex cases and improve patient outcomes.

Test-Specific Automation Gets You Started Quickly

XiFin LIS automates and manages your diagnostic workflows—regardless of complexity or volume.  With configuration driven automated workflow modules supporting 17 different testing specialties, it is easy to get started.

Anatomic Pathology

Amid changing healthcare models, pathologists are seeing increasing demand for comprehensive reporting, collaboration, and data sharing to support multidisciplinary teams.

Workflows include:​
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)/Special Stains
Gynecological Cytology
Non-Gynecological Cytology
Bone Marrow Morphology
Flow Cytometry

Clinical Pathology

Clinical and toxicology laboratories are under pressure to optimize operational efficiencies in an increasingly challenging reimbursement environment. Higher throughput without compromising quality requires a flexible laboratory information system that can manage significant workflow variety, actively manage worklists and sample progress and take advantage of electronic connectivity from the EMR through the billing process.​

Workflows include:​

Molecular Diagnostics

The advance in human genotyping and a transition to a value-based model is driving growth in molecular diagnostic (MDx) testing and complementary services. This expansion is creating data and workflow management, reporting, compliance, and specialty testing reimbursement policy issues that must be solved for today’s MDx labs to thrive.

Workflows include:​
Chromosomal Micro-Array


The frequency and cost of adverse drug events (ADEs), coupled with a shift towards a value-based healthcare model is forcing a rapid change in the healthcare landscape. As a result, the utility and application in the clinical environment  of pharmacogenomics (PGx) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) test is increasing 

To be successful, PGx and NGS focused laboratories must be equipped to solve the data and workflow management, reporting, compliance, and challenging reimbursement policies that are being created.

Workflows include:​
Sanger Sequencing

“We're very satisfied with the capabilities of XIFIN LIS. One reason we chose XIFIN was for the ability to integrate XIFIN LIS with our LIMS. In particular. the reporting is great. Comprehensive reporting is an essential way for us to provide additional value to referring physicians and coordinated care teams.”

Brady Millican

Chief Business Officer, Admera Health

“The XIFIN application is top notch and allows a lot of customization options. It’s one of the best I have used. Furthermore, integrating XIFIN’s LIS and RPM revenue cycle management solutions has meant cleaner claims submitted faster. It’s improved our accounts receivables and has eliminated keystroke and misinterpretation errors. We also now have a better understanding of how a change in one system can impact the other system.”

Robert Embree

EVP of Operations, Pathnostics

“For the first time, I feel I am in control of our LIS. We have been able to design the system to fit our operations and our unique needs.”

Ons Zemni

Laboratory Administrator, Maya Laboratories

“What's better? Me with an IT dept that is stretched thin or a company like XIFIN, that has a dedicated staff to develop a product and a staff to defend themselves. Security and these related issues will be better handled by those vendors. And the better solution is cloud for that reason.”

Fritz Gartner

CEO, Applied Diagnostics

“One of the nice features of XIFIN LIS is that it allows you to take information that the pathologist is trying to convey to the oncologist and put it right up front. And then all the back pages are the details behind each of the different additional testing that’s done.”

Dan Angress

CEO, Angress Consulting

Stay Competitive in an Increasingly Complex Environment

Combining processing efficiency, workflow optimization, quality assurance, and data validation, XiFin LIS enables laboratories to stay competitive in an increasingly complex environment. Additionally, the cloud-based SaaS architecture removes costly IT requirements, easily scales to meet the needs of laboratories of any size, and facilitates collaboration and information sharing across systems in a two-way "digital conversation."

In as little as 45 days, XiFin LIS can be integrated and configured to connect all laboratory operational components allowing for a global, real-time view of lab activities and the automation of critical workflow steps.

This connectivity allows for a single point of entry for all laboratory processes via an intuitive, laboratory-friendly solution. Streamlining these procedures and increasing efficiencies allows laboratory staff to focus their time on improving patient care and outcomes, and less time on data entry and paper shuffling.

XiFin LIS also includes the following Input screens and functions:

  • Accessioning
  • Artificial Intelligence for Digital Dermatopathology
  • Auto-Verification
  • Batch Accessioning
  • Batch Printing
  • Batch Resulting
  • Billing Management
  • Clinical Trials
  • Control & Reagent Management
  • EMR Integration
  • Instrument Management
  • Lab Procedure Management
  • Macro Management
  • Management Reporting
  • NGS Data Interpretation
  • Plate Mapping
  • Prior Authorization
  • Quality Control Management
  • Reflex Ordering
  • Remote Ordering & Resulting
  • Report Distribution
  • Result Distribution
  • Result Reporting
  • Screen Configuration
  • Send-Out Management
  • Specimen Management
  • Summary Reports
  • Test Management
  • Test Utilization Decision Support
  • Workflow Configuration

Thinking of Building or Upgrading Your Own LIS? Read This First.

The Build vs Buy Conundrum of Laboratory Information Systems

SaaS-based information systems eradicate system silos and allow labs to more easily integrate, communicate and exchange information with other systems, as opposed to the siloed solutions labs build for themselves. Plus, you never have to worry if the system expert suddenly is no longer available. For more detail on the importance of investing in SaaS-based LIS systems, read XiFin’s “Buy vs. Build” white paper.

Download White Paper

Single Integrated Platform, More Efficient Operations, Faster & More Accurate Claims, Richer Data

XiFin LIS is part of a complete cloud-based laboratory platform that manages data from patient to payment. This platform includes XiFin RPM for optimized revenue cycle management (RCM). Together, the integrated clinical data generated by XiFin LIS and the detailed financial information from XiFin RPM form the basis for insightful business intelligence that will help your laboratory thrive. Used together, the reimbursement process is expedited, as data is exchanged in real-time along with supporting documentation for clinical evidence and appeals support.

Meet Some of Our Newest Strategic Partners

Fabric Genomics is pleased to partner with XiFin to enable seamless, rapid, and scalable NGS testing. With integrated XiFin-Fabric workflows, labs can streamline going from accessioning to interpreting genomic data to generating clinical case reports. Fabric Genomics’ market-leading AI helps labs dramatically improve their diagnostic rates and accelerate turnaround time. With reimbursement for NGS testing established and expanding, Fabric Genomics and XiFin's partnership enables labs to quickly launch and scale NGS testing and flexibly grow their testing menus.

Martin Reese, PhD
CEO & Founder | Fabric Genomics

The partnership between Glidian and XiFin has been able to deliver one of the most automated end-to-end revenue cycle solutions available on the market today.  The two platforms exchange data seamlessly to automate the extremely manual prior authorization process.  Our customers have been able to see significant improvements in reimbursement rate and time.

Ashish Dua
CEO | Glidian

In addition to its critical role in advancing whole slide diagnosis in this age of precision medicine, digital pathology software is enabling unimagined efficiencies for pathologists and labs. The integration of our Concentriq digital pathology platform with XiFin LIS creates the type of seamless workflow that makes it easier than ever to capitalize on the benefits of digital pathology software, radically improving lab economics going forward.

David West
CEO | Proscia

Through our partnership with XiFin, the combined solutions will improve efficiencies, workflows and will benefit the bottom line for many diagnostic providers,” said Jaideep Tandon, CEO, and co-founder of Infinx. “Our prior authorization software and specialists that support several healthcare specialties are able to obtain a prior authorization 98% of the time resulting in a 55% decrease in costs, and a 10% boost in reimbursements. By integrating our software with XiFin RPM, our technologies will address a huge reimbursement bottleneck by automating the prior authorization workflow.

Jaideep Tandon
CEO & co-founder | Infinx
> On-Demand Webinar

Pathway to Success with Next Generation Sequencing – Reimbursement Insight and IT Strategies

> On-Demand Webinar

Pathway to Success with Next Generation Sequencing – Reimbursement Insight and IT Strategies

Comprehensive Reporting That Drives Loyalty and Engagement with Your Clients

Comprehensive Reporting That Drives Loyalty and Engagement with Your Clients

Comprehensive Reporting That Drives Loyalty and Engagement with Your Clients

Comprehensive consolidated reports maximize your value and impact - combine all individual testing results into a single comprehensive summary report.

Download Report

  XiFin LIS Integrates and Interoperates with Many Purpose-built Capabilities

Simplifying the Prior Authorization Process for Laboratories, Physicians, and Patients is a Win, Win, Win

According to a recent AMA survey, 86% of physicians indicated that the burden of prior authorization was high- or extremely high. Ninety-one percent indicated that the prior authorization process resulted in a significant- or a somewhat negative impact on patient clinical outcomes. Recognizing the impact that the process imposes on the healthcare system, XiFin has partnered with Glidian and Infinx to ease the prior authorization burden for our XiFin LIS customers and their clients. Integrated with the LIS platform, ordering physicians can initiate the prior authorization process directly from their LIS interface. From there, the process is completely automated, sending a prior authorization approval code to the laboratory as soon as the process is completed. Never before has prior authorization been so simple, a benefit for laboratories, physicians and patients.

  Increase Revenue and Improve Efficiencies Using XiFin LIS and Proscia’s Concentriq™ Digital Pathology

The future of pathology is digital: those who are realizing the promise of digital pathology are seeing a tremendous benefit for their laboratories and patient outcomes.

Traditional microscopy tools are not well equipped to handle the applications of the modern lab. Proscia’s Concentriq™ digital pathology platform and pipeline of AI applications are transforming the economics and practice of pathology, putting the power of modern, data-centric systems into the hands of every lab.

That’s why we have partnered with Proscia to provide AI-enabled workflow solutions with XiFin LIS. The Proscia Concentriq platform seamlessly integrates with XiFin solutions and includes joint customer support.

Our combined capabilities enable a robust workflow that further increases revenue through the optimization and efficiency gains of a pathologist’s routine workflow in clinical and research settings.

Drive laboratory-level insight from pathology and histology analytics

Transforming Healthcare Through AI-Driven Clinical Genomic Insights Powered by Fabric Genomics

Next-generation sequencing testing enables significant advances in precision medicine and resulting patient outcomes. XiFin LIS is the only SaaS-based LIS platform that offers multi-specialty workflows and collaboration tools necessary to support precision medicine programs. Genomic data is much more complex than data generated traditional molecular assays. Fabric Genomics delivers a highly scalable AI-driven platform to analyze and interpret this complex genomic data.

Through XiFin ’s partnership with Fabric Genomics it is easier than ever for labs and hospital to develop, deploy, and scale genomic testing. XiFin LIS has integrated Fabric Genomics’ AI-driven genomic data interpretation in inherited disease, rare disease and oncology within the XiFin LIS workflow, delivering physician-ready clinical reports for any genomic test.

  Enhancing Test Utilization

Entering accurate billing codes to receive reimbursement for diagnostic claims has become increasingly more difficult. With more than 2000 possible lab tests and over 70,000 ICD10 codes from which to choose, claim denials are on the rise, lengthening the timeline from diagnosis to treatment and reducing reimbursements.

XiFin has partnered with Medical Database, Inc. to support providers in more accurately selecting the most relevant diagnostics tests for their patients. Medical Database’s Laboratory Decision Support (LDS™) platform utilizes a proprietary (patent pending) ranking system which scores potential tests for any given disease and assigns an easily interpretable numerical and color-coded score, based on clinical relevance, medical necessity, and testing indication.  This medical evidence-based ranking system to assist healthcare providers in selecting and ordering the correct and most relevant tests based on disease and ICD10 codes.

A Complete Suite of Solutions


Our comprehensive revenue performance management solution features workflow functionality designed to help laboratories maximize their claims.

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XiFin ProNet

Open up new revenue opportunities, improve quality assurance and minimize risk through secondary digital consultations and professional networking with XiFin ProNet. 

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