Physician Collaboration Solutions

Achieving Improved Quality and Economics of Healthcare

In today's connected world the mandate to achieve improved quality and economics of healthcare is both more achievable and harder to obtain than ever, given the complexity and volume of information. Diagnostics drive more than 70% of medical decisions, but are now vastly complicated by the amount of information that needs to be taken into consideration and the number of stakeholders involved. Medicine today is a collaborative, data-intensive, multi-episodic enterprise that involves providers, payors, and patients.


Physician Collaboration & Clinical Data Management

Deliver on the promise of Connected Health. XIFIN ProNet enables consolidated storage, sharing, and usage of clinical and financial images and information with a web-based enterprise class data repository and integrated workflows. Organizations use ProNet to achieve success on many fronts:

Multi-disciplinary teams: Improve collaboration and communication across stakeholders in the patient care continuum, whether to facilitate tumor board reviews, or for forensic pathology.

Communicate real-time and asynchronously for review of all case content and associated images.

Create standardized Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with integrated images for improved collaboration and patient engagement.

Manage, access, analyze big data information to enable population health management ambitions.

Quality Assurance: Support regulatory quality measure compliance and facilitate teaching and training with optimized collaborative workflows

XIFIN ProNet Applications

XIFIN ProNet applications deliver targeted workflows and functionality to address specific program needs

Eliminate Silos and Transform Data into Actionable Information

XIFIN ProNet’s central web-based vendor-neutral, standards-based approach to managing images and their associated information across multiple disparate systems eliminates network silos and enables collaboration across disciplines.

Industry Segments

Physician collaboration and coordination of care is a conduit for population health management and will enable healthcare organizations to deliver better patient outcomes by consolidating and analyzing data allowing for proactive strategies and interventions to be deployed to defined patient groups across the continuum of care to improve quality of care. The changing healthcare paradigm creates opportunities for new entrants into the marketplace to provide technologies that enable new patient care models which will in turn enable value-based propositions.

Did You Know?

Diagnostic Tests are Overutilized - 50%

Diagnostic Tests are Underutilized - 20%

Recommended Level of Care Received by Half of Americans - 55%

38% of provider revenue is expected to come from value-based models

Collaboration and coordination between physicians can change diagnoses as often as 40% of the time

The designated procedure codes for coordinated care multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings are between 99366-99368

Team Solutions: Healthcare Team Members

Enter a new dimension of transparency, consistency and efficiency

Things are changing in healthcare and moving aggressively toward new delivery models targeted at enabling population health management. Changes in reimbursement models and changes in delivery models reflect a move away from fee-for-service, toward value-based models. Like other healthcare providers, pathologists are under mounting pressure to increase efficiency, collaboration, and responsiveness and overcome the limitations of disparate HIT systems. Progressive healthcare organizations are turning to XIFIN ProNet to empower pathologists to engage, evaluate and excel like never before.

We equip pathologists, including anatomic pathologists and molecular pathologists, with the tools they need to enable value-based care models. In today’s healthcare paradigm, data is becoming increasingly robust and complex. XIFIN offers a powerful data exchange platform for information collection, aggregation, collaboration and reporting.

  • Focus on managing large data sets through metadata and exchange services
  • Provide a consolidated, web-based view of the data
  • Provide communication services for multi-disciplinary team collaboration, Continuity of Care (CCD), and outcome reporting

As a CMIO at a major healthcare institution, you are aware of the significant changes underway in the way healthcare is delivered. At XIFIN, we deliver technology that closes the technology gap to achieving results in a value-based care system. XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. Our cloud based health platform is a connected health solution that facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing of clinical and financial diagnostic data. We serve all stakeholders in the patient care continuum who want to deliver optimized care and better outcomes at lower cost.

Here are some of the tenets of the XIFIN technology platform:

  • Facilitate interoperability across health organizations – integrate data stacks rather than recreate them;
  • Promote real-time multi-disciplinary team collaboration and data exchange;
  • Provide a link between pathology diagnostic information and genomic studies;
  • Deliver standardized Continuity of Care documents (CCD) with integrated images for improved collaboration and patient engagement;
  • Leverage collaboration technologies to facilitate teaching, training and quality assurance.
IT Manager

At XIFIN, we understand the increasingly complex challenges that healthcare IT managers face daily. We support IT professionals by ensuring data security, easily scaling data output across organizations /partner sites, syncing multiple data systems, and facilitating compliance. Our XIFIN ProNet applications offer compelling IT advantages.

Based on standard IT technologies

  • Standard server architecture
  • Standard storage architecture
  • Standard communication protocols
  • Network security via SSL standard encryption
  • Compatible with standard firewalls

Smart, streamlined & efficient

  • Technology framework to collect, aggregate and present DICOM and non-DICOM data API services to ensure communication across technology stacks
  • Integrates with organizations infrastructure to support data exchange
  • Manage the data collection in a registry for reporting (outcomes)
Coordinated care data is a critical component to enabling value based care. Integrated clinical data improves diagnostic accuracy and furthermore unlocks additional value from data and images.

Blockbuster drugs are a thing of the past. The market is exploding with new precision therapies that are shown to result in better outcomes for patients. Yet these drugs too often are not accessible to ideal candidates. One reason for this is the inherent complexity of targeted drug therapies. Candidates for precision drugs must be identified and redirected to appropriate trials, which relies on researchers’ ability to amass and analyze unprecedented amounts of genomic and clinical data. Coordination and collaboration are paramount and requires appropriate technological tools.

Did You Know?

Real-time Availability

From the moment data resources are made available in XIFIN ProNet, remote, simultaneous, real-time viewing for peer review, confirmatory diagnosis, and candidate identification is enabled.

Easily Access Information

XIFIN ProNet creates a permanent digital record of retrievable data with full transparency in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Improves Patient Care

Using XIFIN ProNet for external collaboration (such as between an academic medical center, contract research organization, and biopharma) eliminates shipping costs, travel time and the expense of re-cuts and lays the foundation of data analysis for population health management driving toward better patient outcomes.

State of Art Technology Platform

XIFIN ProNet provides unprecedented detail on an interoperable and scalable web-based software platform.

Team Solutions: BioPharma/Study Team Members

Pathologist/Study Director
Reduce Study Times, Decide Sooner.

Leading scientists today are under mounting pressure to increase innovation and productivity while concurrently reducing study time and costs. XIFIN ProNet enables your team to substantially reduce study times and reach a go/no-go decision or study conclusion sooner.Pathology information can be viewed and shared instantly through XIFIN ProNet. Global real-time viewing and rapid distribution of clinical trials information and study records, XIFIN ProNet supports increased collaboration with a streamlined workflow.

Accelerate Innovation

Leaders in Biopharma are under mounting pressure to increase innovation and productivity while concurrently reducing time and costs. XIFIN ProNet empowers your organization to reduce study times and reach a go/no-go decision sooner, saving time and money.Trials information can be viewed and shared instantly through XIFIN ProNet. Supporting global real-time viewing and rapid distribution of study records, peer review and streamlined collaboration is made easier than ever before. Slide shipping and travel expenses are eliminated and resources are freed to focus on more important tasks.

Managing Data in Today's Information Age

At XIFIN, we understand the increasingly complex challenges that Life Science IT and regulatory leaders and managers face daily. Through our extensive client services program, we support IT and regulatory by ensuring data security, easily scaling data output across organizations /partner sites

Ensuring a smooth and swift transition:

  • Integrate multiple sites using a centralized database and web interface
  • Maintain compliance using for quality reporting
  • Scale up when needed; our open platform easily hosts other third-party applications and interfaces.

XIFIN ProNet Architecture

XIFIN ProNet is the physician collaboration and clinical data management piece of XIFIN’s technology platform. It enables the integration and exchange of information, with robust content management, use case-specific workflows, and flexible, integrated reporting. The XIFIN ProNet architecture includes a number of back-end services that provide the operating system for a robust, decoupled, content management and workflow information exchange. All services are deployed via a SaaS environment. Data is uploaded to XIFIN ProNet using a proprietary image uploading capability and custom integration services from a number of different HIT sources. Data is then stored, accessed, shared, annotated, and leveraged in a variety of workflows. Information is consolidated and viewed on a user-friendly dashboard from any workstation using a web browser.

In the XIFIN ProNet environment, data is consumed from multiple disparate systems. The information is populated into workflow configurations that address specific value-based care initiatives, such as consultations, MDT meetings, reporting, and personalized medicine. A data integrator pulls relevant information into provided configurable reporting templates. The now-actionable images and data are provided to the end user, such as the oncologist or principal investigator for care coordination use.

XIFIN ProNet: A Connected Health Approach

Connected health is the systematic application of healthcare IT to facilitate the accessing and sharing of information, as well as subsequent analysis of health data. More than simple management and analysis of data, connected health encourages communication and collaboration among all of the various stakeholders involved in a patient’s health. With their focus on facilitating the cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information, XIFIN ProNet applications epitomize connected health.

The XIFIN ProNet collaboration and clinical data management solution presents a holistic view of the patient through integration and exchange of data that otherwise resides in siloed, disparate systems. XIFIN ProNet makes this content usable in collaborative workflow applications and consolidated reports.

Image Collaboration and Clinical Data Management Present Unique Requirements

The information healthcare stakeholders rely on to diagnose, treat, measure progress, and otherwise make clinical decisions takes many forms and is scattered across multiple hospital, laboratory, billing, and healthcare system repositories. Diagnostic images alone span multiple modalities and degrees of complexity. As the healthcare system continues to become more byzantine, taking maximum advantage of this data is critical. Providers find themselves needing to collaborate across departments, organizations, and disciplines, and they need HIPAA compliant, secure systems to facilitate their collaboration and ensure continuity of care.

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