Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Powered by our advanced, cloud-based technology platform, XIFIN RPM is a comprehensive, highly automated Revenue Cycle Management solution that maximizes efficiency, improves cash collection, and increases financial accuracy.

Introducing XIFIN RPM 9

The most advanced revenue cycle management platform is now even better.

Beyond Billing

Optimize revenue with a full fledged financial system

To succeed in today's environment of increasing regulations and fee compression, diagnostic providers need financial management technology that not only helps improve cash collections, but also delivers visibility and control over financial operations, and provides connectivity within and beyond the organization.

With these increasingly complex needs, diagnostic providers are poorly served by traditional billing systems that lack the referential and financial integrity required to deliver accurate, auditable information. Instead, they need a technology infrastructure with a solid financial and accounting foundation that delivers full visibility to understand the financial status of every diagnostic activity a provider performs, at every stage from order submission to payment. Providers need the information and tools to identify and correct errors, appeal, and take action to ensure maximum reimbursement as well as deliver accurate information for reporting and negotiating contracts, as well as strategically manage the business.

XIFIN RPM is the answer ─ optimizing billing and accounts receivable processes, automating revenue cycle workflow, facilitating claim filing, and reducing regulatory compliance risk.

To succeed, diagnostic providers need financial management and infrastructure technology that not only helps improve cash collections, but also delivers visibility and control over financial operations, and connectivity both within and outside the organization.

''The data we get is sound, is valid. Actually, XIFIN is our source of truth. Even when accounting or finance questions volumes, we say, let's go to XIFIN— that's our source of truth''

Bobbi Kochevar

Director of Diagnostic Therapy & Care Management, North Memorial


XIFIN RPM embodies a unique approach to laboratory billing that goes well beyond a billing system to provide a complete Revenue Cycle Management solution. Designed for the high-speed laboratory environment, XIFIN RPM manages and automates medical claims filing, reduces the risks associated with regulatory compliance, and provides visibility into operational and financial performance.

How XIFIN Revenue Cycle Management Delivers Value:

Strong Technological Foundation

Cloud-based and designed for interoperability, XIFIN RPM is a flexible platform that keeps stakeholders connected. While other revenue cycle management solutions require lengthy integrations, lack the ability to adapt to change, and require significant investment to maintain, XIFIN RPM is constantly and transparently kept up to date. The underlying technology platform enables secure, flexible, interoperability with other internal and external systems.

Financial Integrity

Unlike traditional laboratory billing systems, XIFIN RPM was specifically developed in financial language with full referential integrity. The solution balances every client to the penny, every month and delivers a complete financial accounting package with GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant financial data for the general ledger; the system gives your management team the accuracy and detail needed to manage the business with confidence.

Business Intelligence

XIFIN RPM delivers reporting and business intelligence to support evolving healthcare models. Enterprise level financial reporting, key performance indicators, benchmarks, and enhanced end-of-month reporting packages set XIFIN Business Intelligence apart as the most comprehensive and accurate reporting and analytics available. XIFIN Business Intelligence provides more than 200 operational reports and the ability to federate data from external systems, and support of PAMA reporting requirements.

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Superior Workflow Automation

XIFIN RPM employs sophisticated, highly configurable automated workflows that ensure clean claim submissions, upfront, in the shortest possible time. This means far fewer clerical errors, significantly reduced denials, lower labor costs, and greater efficiency. With XIFIN, it's all about getting out clean, trackable claims reimbursed quickly and efficiently, and XIFIN RPM includes automated document management, as well.

Expertise and Managed Services

XIFIN handles the countless payor edits, regulatory modifications, and other changes so that you can concentrate on optimizing your billing. No other solution provides this level of service, and it is the key to ensuring you bill and collect all that is due to your lab, as quickly as possible.

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XIFIN RPM is built for connectivity and interoperability. XIFIN web services deliver capabilities and information where they are needed. From patient and client portals to external systems, XIFIN web services operate flexibly, seamlessly, and with HIPAA and Internet security protocols built in. XIFIN RPM enables two-way data exchanges in real time, thereby removing redundancies and data latencies. Recent portal enhancements increase patient and client engagement and satisfaction.

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Optional Outsourced Billing Services

Cloud-based XIFIN RPM allows us to also offers outsourced billing services, should you choose to outsource the many some or all of the many revenue cycle management activities to our team of experts. Perhaps more importantly, XIFIN RPM provides the flexibility to move between in-house and outsourced billing services, when it’s right for your lab. For example, many start-up labs choose to begin with fully outsourced billing services and later transition to in-house billing once they are ready with the team and the processes to handle these critical functions. Likewise, some established labs that have been handling billing services in-house choose to outsource for the flexibility it provides in terms of staffing and related costs. At XIFIN, we use RPM to drive all outsourced billing operations, so we experience the value of the solution ourselves.

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XIFIN Business Intelligence

Because you can't manage what you can't measure

XIFIN Business Intelligence is an enterprise-class data warehouse that lets you see how the business is performing, from top to bottom, and every step in between.

Architected for maximum performance and built on a healthcare financial management-specific data model, XIFIN BI delivers accurate, meaningful results that are both GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

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Liya Wu, Director of Information Engineering, explains the versatility of the different Business Intelligence product solutions and how they benefit XIFIN clients.

Only XIFIN Business Intelligence can deliver insights you need to run your organization

  • Integrated, aggregated, and historical reports
  • End of month analysis that validates your XIFIN RPM end of month package
  • Trending, snapshots, dashboards, it's all available
  • Operational reports & alerts
  • Ability to federate data from additional sources
  • Mobile BI available for executives and field sales reps
  • Self service: business users can access what they need; no need to know SQL query

XIFIN Managed Services

A key differentiator of XIFIN RPM is the extensive set of managed services that are part of the solution. XIFIN Managed Services do the heavy lifting of maintaining the technology infrastructure, data logic, and perform all submissions, processing, and other data exchanges, so that you can concentrate on optimizing your diagnostic services business.

Ongoing Maintenance of Data Logic

Policy of 100% Reconciliation

Client Success Managers

Featured Success Stories

XIFIN Technology Platform

A Technology Foundation for Success

The XIFIN technology platform gives diagnostic service providers the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness of both clinical and business decisions. Web-native, the XIFIN platform links the many different stakeholders in the delivery of healthcare, optimizing both business and patient outcomes.

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XIFIN iNet Web Services and Portals

Extend your capabilities for maximum impact

The information held within laboratory and radiology billing and information systems is incredibly useful and powerful XIFIN portals and web services help diagnostic service providers leverage these important assets and related system capabilities to their fullest.

XIFIN Portals

XIFIN portals improve efficiency by delivering functionality to constituents like patients and physician offices in an intuitive web interface.

XIFIN Web Services

XIFIN web services enable "digital conversations" with a two-way data exchange between systems in real time.

Proof in Numbers


8% Average Improvement in Net Cash Collection, Adjusted for Growth


61 Million Accessions/Visits Processed Annually


$29 Billion in Gross Claims Billed Annually


50% Reduction in Denials


Threefold Increase in Successful Appeals


100% Payor Reach

Do You Know Your Total Cost of Billing?

The only way to optimize revenue and financial performance is to know your true total cost of billing as a percent of revenues. XIFIN clients typically see a total cost of billing that is half as much as industry averages.

Most diagnostic providers grossly underestimate their total cost of billing; in fact, we have found organizations routinely underestimate total cost of billing by a factor of four or more. As a result, faulty decisions about revenue cycle technology and staffing are made that can lead to a significantly poorer financial picture and inferior accounts receivable performance.

A CEO's Guide to Measuring Total Cost of Billing in the Laboratory

When assessing billing solutions and options, many organizations fail to take into account all the various elements that comprise the organization’s true cost of billing. This white paper specifically addresses how increasing revenue and cash collection can contribute significantly to lowering the total cost of billing.

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Calculate Your Total Cost of Billing

In conjunction with the white paper, "A CEO's Guide to Measuring Total Cost of Billing in the Laboratory," XIFIN has created an in-depth calculator in which you can calculate and print your organization's total cost of billing. When total billing costs are accurately evaluated, laboratories can benchmark themselves against industry averages.

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RPM 9: Leveraging the Power of Automated Workflow to Maximize Cash Collections

We believe that diagnostic providers are a crucial and powerful part of the healthcare system. They are often, however, undervalued by the industry.

What’s Your Strategy? Successful Collection of Patient Balances

With the finalized PAMA 2018 Clinical Lab Fee Schedule published, laboratory leaders are actively seeking new ways to offset the planned reduction in reimbursements for 2018.

What’s the Best Way to Avoid Front-End Denials? Clean Claims

Have you ever had a medical insurance claim denied? Most people have. The statistics vary based on the healthcare segment and the source, but typically the average claim denial rates range from 5% - 10%.

XIFIN RCM Consulting

XIFIN's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Consulting team has extensive experience in developing and optimizing billing organizations and workflows for molecular, clinical, toxicology, pathology, and medical devices, for purposes of improving financial performance and accelerating cash flow.

  • Commercialization & reimbursement
  • Transition from outsource to in-house billing
  • Optimize existing XIFIN RPM solution
  • Consolidate billing operations