Connected Health for Clinical Data

Collaborate and communicate across departments, disciplines, and organizations in a cloud-based exchange of diagnostic images, clinical data, and other patient encounter information.

Achieving improved quality and economics of healthcare

In today's connected world the mandate to achieve improved quality and economics of healthcare is both more achievable and harder to obtain than ever, given the complexity and volume of information. Diagnostics drive more than 70% of medical decisions, but are now vastly complicated by the amount of information that needs to be taken into consideration and the number of stakeholders involved. Medicine today is a collaborative, data-intensive, multi-episodic enterprise that involves providers, payors, and patients.

ProNet: Part of the Future of Connected Health

XIFIN ProNet Physician Collaboration and Clinical Data Management

Deliver on the promise of Connected Health. XIFIN ProNet enables consolidated storage, sharing, and usage of clinical and financial images and information with a web-based enterprise class data repository and integrated workflows. Organizations use ProNet to achieve success on many fronts:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams: Improve collaboration and communication across stakeholders in the patient care continuum, whether to facilitate tumor board reviews, or to ensure identification of at-risk children who visit the ER;
  • Communicate real-time and asynchronously for review of all case content and associated images,
  • Create standardized Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) with integrated images for improved collaboration and patient engagement;
  • Manage, access, analyze Big Data information to enable population health management ambitions.
  • QA: support regulatory quality measure compliance and facilitate teaching and training with optimized collaborative workflows

Eliminate silos and transform data into actionable information

XIFIN ProNet’s central web-based vendor-neutral, standards-based approach to managing images and their associated information across multiple disparate systems eliminates network silos and enables collaboration across disciplines.

ProNet Enterprise Image Management Infrastructure

From information exchange, security and audits, to archiving and retrieval, ProNet provides the streamlined simplicity to help you optimize your image management processes.

  • Maximize workflow efficiency with seamless integration and helpful tools, such as patented annotations capability
  • Deliver easy, on-demand image and report access across entire institutional network
  • Reduce work inefficiencies with one centralized, cloud-based data management system
  • Minimize IT overhead through cloud-based delivery with minimum software downloads

ProNet: Integrated Platform

Support multiple locations, departments, and systems in a single centralized system. A centralized access point provides a single interface for authentication, access, and workflow for data.


Comprehensive auditing

Secure and system-wide automated audit capabilities support HIPAA compliance, and capture all update and access events. 


Open interface for integration and customization

The open interface includes the critical capability to integrate with various clinical information systems, including PACS, EHR, RIS, and LIS.