Blog Posts by Date: Dec 2011

Congress defers physician pay cut but creates more chaos for providers and payors

  • December 27, 2011

In a last ditch effort to avert expiration of the payroll tax moratorium , Congress passed a two month extension punting the ball into next year. Along with the payroll tax extension, both the Medicare cuts to the physician's fee schedule and elimination of the "TC Grandfather clause" was forestalled. The extension to all three was passed with an...


2012 Outlook: Overreactive Legislature and Economic Uncertainty Bring Dark Cloud Over Advancing Lab Industry

  • December 22, 2011

The lab industry goes into 2012 with a great deal more uncertainty and anxiety than any prior year. Congress has left the building without fixing the sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula-driven cuts to the physician fee schedule which will reduce payments to providers by 27.4% effective Jan 1st 2012. CMS has issued a notice to contractors to hold...