Why You Need a Technology Platform that Moves with Your Changing Needs

“When someone is assessing their business’ needs, they should be looking out for long-term solutions,” said Mitchell Fry, XIFIN’s Vice President, Sales & Strategic Alliances. “You don’t want to invest in short-term patches or band-aids solely based upon immediate needs. You want to invest in modern technology that’s backed by a company committed to innovative and evolving solutions that meet current and future market requirements.”

Unlike traditional installed software solutions that are only able to release one new major software update a year, due to lengthy test times and release efforts, XIFIN has invested in a dynamic SaaS platform that is able to rapidly implement updates, including new billing edits, on a nearly continuous basis.

50 Updates a Month

With XIFIN RPM and outsource delivery options, users can take advantage of the latest available healthcare billing services, revenue cycle management software, technology infrastructure, and platform. XIFIN keeps its solutions current with approximately 50 updates each month. These updates, include payor edits, new features, regulatory, reporting, and other enhancements. “The unprecedented timeliness and speed of updates directly translates to improved cash collections,” said Fry. 

 "For example, because XIFIN pushes out payor edits so quickly, XIFIN clients will be in front of these changes instead of determining a change is needed based upon a denial. XIFIN is able to provide this level of service for two reasons. First, XIFIN directly connects to the payors for approximately 95% of the transactions it processes and continuously and globally monitors these payor connections for changing requirements, either published or unpublished. Second, because XIFIN can rapidly release the resulting changes, clients receive the necessary edits in just days instead of months.”

XIFIN clients are therefore able to collect more cash by submitting claims right the first time as opposed to re-working denied claims 90 days later. Additionally, software updates are implemented without any downtime or system reboot. After which, XIFIN’s expert Client Success Managers work with XIFIN users to determine exactly which updates will be of benefit. As a result, many users may not even realize an update was implemented.

Futureproof is the Answer

A good indication of a company’s longevity as well as a signal that you are likely to achieve your greatest return on investment is how and how much a solution provider invests in their technology and interoperability. “Purchase a technology platform that will meet your needs for the next 10 years,” said Fry. “Invest in a technology that you know will be around in the future.” Fortunately for XIFIN customers, XIFIN makes aggressive investments in its technological offerings, resulting in a futureproof solution. This ongoing investment ensures that its technology and SaaS platform can quickly pivot and improve upon itself, so users are able to take full advantage of newly available benefits.

Not a Bill Generator System

“XIFIN RPM goes beyond turnkey bill generator systems to offer a fully integrated financial management and infrastructure platform equipped with software rules to check against claim entry errors and automatically reach back to the ordering physician to resolve an error at its source,” said Fry. “Every billing generator solution out there will say they have edit rules, but the critical question here is about their scale.”

XIFIN’s health information technology solution is deployed for clients who process in excess of 35,000 requisitions per day. “In this environment, nearly everything that can have a rule does and resolutions are automated without billing staff labor,” said Fry. “It is also critical (and I can’t stress this enough) that management have unfettered access to their data via dashboards, and drill downs that have financial integrity that they can go to the bank on. XIFIN offers a full financial warehouse designed to run your business on supporting your most critical decisions!”

Expect More From Your Healthcare Billing Solution

Hear from current XIFIN RPM customer on what’s possible with this innovative financial management tool.

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