Blog Posts by Date: Dec 2019

Congress Passes LAB Act; PAMA Reporting Delayed by One Year

On December 19th, after multiple years of uproar from ACLA and other stakeholders on behalf of seniors who rely on lab tests, Congress has officially passed the Laboratory Access for Beneficiaries Act, also known as the LAB Act. This bill, which is expected to be signed by the president into law soon, will delay the reporting of lab payment data...


Is Your Lab Embracing the ‘Consumerism in Healthcare’ Era? It Should.

Enjoy the following content from our partner, FrontRunnerHC. The concept of consumerism in healthcare has evolved over the years, and whether we are in support of it or not, we must trust that the industry landscape has a new driver: the patient. The patient is taking charge of their healthcare more than ever. As consumers, they are proactively...


Upsurge of Medical Necessity Denials Fueled by ICD-10

One perhaps unexpected impact of the adoption of ICD-10 codes in 2015 was the dramatic increase in medical necessity denials of clinical laboratory tests. In an interview for The Dark Report (November 25, 2019 edition), Kyle Fetter, XIFIN Executive Vice President and General Manager, stated the increased data provided by additional...


The Impact of Hospital and Outreach Laboratory Revenue Cycle Management Incentive Misalignment

Many hospital finance leaders think they are collecting at a higher rate than they actually are since write-offs appear as an adjustment to revenue. At the same time, they try to maximize the value of their revenue cycle management (RCM) technology investments and workforce by requiring the outreach laboratory claims to be handled by the same...


More Leading Hospital Laboratories Are Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management

  • December 6, 2019

As value-based care initiatives and reform continue to put pressure on hospitals to decrease inpatient volumes, achieve outcomes goals, and provide cost-effective care, clinical services outsourcing is becoming a necessity. At the same time, based on XIFIN customer analysis, many hospital laboratories fail to capture as much as 30% of the revenue...


AI Advances from Theoretical to Practical

For years artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has been a theoretical pipe dream, but as we approach the year 2020, practical AI applications seem to be becoming more of a reality. While AI machines will not be replacing human physicians in the near future, there are many other ways that these AI and machine learning technologies can...