Billing and Beyond with XIFIN RPM 14

Sandra Greefkes
AVP Product and Partner Marketing, XIFIN

Tina Voss
Product Marketing Manager, XIFIN

XIFIN strives to exceed our customer’s expectations and does so by continuously investing into the XIFIN RPM platform. The newest release of XIFIN RPM offers more communication and engagement capabilities, new business intelligence advanced analytics dashboard options and enhanced web services. The additional automation, connectivity and analytics make corrections and exchange of information seamless, patient and physician communication easier, and financial analysis and decision making faster. All with the goal of maximum reimbursement, industry leading financial performance and best in class patient and physician experience.

Expanded Web Services

The broad array of web services available via XIFIN RPM enables internet-connected systems to inform one another in near real-time. This bidirectional data exchange enables the digital communication of transaction data, file maintenance, and eligibility information. It allows fast information updates, accelerated workflow, and enhanced productivity while reducing clerical errors. Web services also enable physician offices or testing facilities to exchange information earlier in the process.

Learn how XIFIN RPM Web Services address a host of needs.

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Enhanced Communication and Engagement Capabilities

XIFIN RPM provides new email and text communications capabilities that work with our patient portal, patient responsibility estimator, and client portal.

Patient Portal

XIFIN RPM provides the ability for physician’s offices to choose if they want to share test results directly with patients through the patient portal as well as the ability to send patients text notifications or emails with links to view test results. 
Additional XIFIN Patient Portal provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Providing patient 24/7 access and convenience
  • Removing barriers for patients to make payments thereby improving the collection process
  • Boosting patient satisfaction
  • Increasing productivity of customer service and billing staff while lowering costs 
  • Reducing days sales outstanding (DOS) and write-offs

Patient Responsibility Estimator

XIFIN RPM 14 also provides communication enhancements related to the Patient Responsibility Estimator. Now customers can send notifications to patients to view and approve their patient estimated responsibility prior to tests being performed. Patients can now also pre-pay for tests and services from the patient eligibility screen. The Patient Responsibility Estimator provides patients with an accurate understanding of their financial responsibility upfront, which is an important aspect of patient satisfaction. The ability to prepay for services online also increases cash collections.

Client Portal

Enhancements to the Client Portal include the ability for referring physicians and staff to review interactive statements, dispute pricing, or rebill to insurance. Notifications can be sent to clients when new invoices are available, and e-invoices can be reviewed at the line-item level and paid via the XIFIN Client Portal.

The XIFIN Client Portal also improves billing workflows by allowing the editing of claims prior to submission. Billing errors that could stop a claim from being reimbursed can be identified and corrected at order creation using claim validation tools. Claims with errors are posted on the portal and an email notification is sent to alert staff of an error that needs correction. Corrections made by the physician’s staff are made directly within the portal and corrected claims follow automated workflows, speeding the submission of clean claims.

XIFIN Portals


XIFIN Business Intelligence Portfolio Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Medical and diagnostic providers are always seeking more actionable information and insight-oriented analytics that empower decision makers with the right data to drive better business practices. Advanced analytics provide in-depth business insights that answer the financial and operational reporting and analysis needs across an organization. The solution’s in-memory database increases speed and performance, which enables executives to drill down into data in real time.

The enterprise-level dashboards facilitate four new types of analysis:

  • Error Processing Analysis
  • Test Level Analyses
  • Client Portal Analysis
  • Patient Portal Analysis

Error Processing Analysis

The XIFIN Error Processing dashboard helps detect the most common errors and enable managers to identify certain errors associated with required prior authorization to determine how often those errors occur, how long it takes to correct, and what is paid after the error is fixed. The dashboard also provides a means to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of human vs automated error correction. An upward trend of system-fixed errors could indicate the effectiveness of automated workflows, which reduce the need for manually fixing errors and thus reducing labor costs devoted to such tasks.

Test-level Analyses

The Test Level Analysis dashboard provides executives with a summary view of the ordering pattern of tests based on units and/or sales. The dashboard helps identify trends, analyze specific ordered tests, and view which tests are the most profitable. Paired with client-level ordering patterns, the information can be used to determine which tests a provider should add to their test directory. 

Client Portal Analysis

The XIFIN Client Portal Analysis dashboard provides diagnostic providers with insight into how their clients are utilizing the Client Portal. For example, it shows which clients are fixing errors using the automated process offered through the Client Portal, and which need additional advocacy on the importance and benefits of utilizing the portal to fix their own errors. Increased Client Portal usage translates to reduced employee labor efforts on these tasks.

Learn more about the advantages of XIFIN RPM Business Intelligence capabilities. 

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