How OmniSYS fits into Your Hospital’s Pharmacy Security Best Practices

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Reprinted with permission.

When it comes to patient experiences, outpatient hospital pharmacies want the best of the best. To them, the patient’s experience is paramount. But at the end of the day, IT makes the decisions on what solutions are allowed into the hospital network. 

Because when it comes to security, hospital pharmacies have a distinct set of rules they must follow compared to their retail pharmacy colleagues. It isn’t just the pharmacy patient PHI, or customer data that is at risk. It’s the entire hospital’s network. Therefore, hospital pharmacies must be especially careful with the software solutions they allow into their grid. 

At OmniSYS, we’re uniquely aware of the challenges this presents to hospital pharmacy stakeholders. How do you grow your pharmacy services? How do you reduce operational overhead with software? How do you convince solution providers to live behind your firewall, providing you with an extra level of security? And that’s why we speak the language of security reviews. 

Your Pharmacy Security Best Practices In Action

As a leading healthcare industry software provider, it’s not a surprise that we take security immensely seriously. As the choice of the nation’s most respected health organizations and sustaining best-in-class security isn’t optional. Because of these reasons, and many more, we epitomize pharmacy security best practices for not only our solutions, but our entire organization. Our security team never stops, arduously working to protect the immense loads of data in our care. 

What Does OmniSYS Security Look Like?

At OmniSYS, our security starts with SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. While the scope of SOC 2 goes well beyond security, the standards and procedures guide organizational-level compliance, creating repeatable processes and systems that an unbiased 3rd party can continually audit. 

What does it mean to be SOC 2 Type 2 compliant? In English, SOC is an acronym for Service Organization Control.  

“SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that ensures that an organization’s service providers manage their data securely to protect the organization’s interests and client’s privacy.  

It serves to provide assurance to the organization’s clients, management, and user entities in terms of confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, security, and privacy through effective control mechanisms.” – Kisi 

But just like SOC 2 is more than security, it also isn’t enough to say OmniSYS Is SOC 2 compliant.  

Outside of SOC 2, What Does OmniSYS Security Look Like?

  1. Encrypted. We encrypt everything. All of our internal and external data gets encrypted. 
  2. Flexible. We meet the needs of growing hospital businesses and we’re willing to shift and mold our solutions into the molds hospital security demands. 
  3. Ever vigilant. Through unbiased, 3rd-party monitoring, our organization and solutions are continuously put to the test and monitored for vulnerabilities.

What Does this Mean for your Outpatient Hospital Pharmacy?

At the end of the day, the value of what we provide your outpatient pharmacy is what matters. We’re a cloud-based solutions company that is remarkably agile, willing, and able to build behind your firewall. We know your security best practices must be met day in and day out. 

We offer patient engagement solutions that bring your pharmacy to your patients, extend first fills into refills, and reduce operational overhead. All with the security you can trust to protect your invaluable hospital data and patients.

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