Simplify Your Pathology Workflow Through Speech Recognition and LIS Integration

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Physicians, pathologists, and laboratory technicians rely on laboratory information systems (LIS) to manage workloads and streamline the operational efficiency of the laboratory. However, they are often still tied to their keyboards when it comes to documenting sample descriptions, observations, test findings, and diagnoses. Thousands (or even millions) of data points can be recorded in and referenced from an LIS, but moving back and forth between the LIS and lab tests or microscope can drag down productivity.

Operational efficiency can now be further enhanced by integrating speech recognition with your LIS. Accurate speech recognition is one of the latest tools to drive higher case throughput per FTE in the lab. With speech recognition, you can reference and record information in an LIS without a mouse and keyboard.

Watch this video to see how Dolbey Fusion Narrate works with XIFIN's LIS, and how speech recognition and automation can enhance a pathologist's workflow.

Healthcare professionals can enter information into a database in real time with speech recognition. One group that benefits the most from speech recognition is pathologists. With speech recognition, pathologists can record information from slides, print labels at any time, and input diagnoses into their LIS hands-free.

Integrating speech recognition into your LIS can help improve operational efficiency by offering the following:

Hands-free Dictation – Dictate case findings and observations, edit text, and add diagnosis and comments while looking directly at the slide with accurate speech recognition with a pathology dictionary.

Customizable Shortcut Keys – Set up shortcut keys to associate different types of Macros, including adding diagnosis, comments, and microscopic descriptions. Shortcut keys can be customized to allow the user to combine a sequence of repeatable actions into a single voice command.

Automated Workflow Navigation – Logging in and navigating to specific locations within the application, ordering additional stains, and accessing historical cases for evaluations.   

Electronic Reports Completion – Review and electronically sign reports hands-free to move to the next case quickly.

Pre-Built Voice Commands – Speech recognition software can have built-in voice commands for routine tasks such as cassette labeling, navigation, and formatting.

Using speech recognition can significantly improve productivity. At just one site, after three months of integrating Dolbey Speech Recognition and XIFIN LIS, there were:

Dictations Made

Shortcuts Used

Alongside the increased productivity and simplified workflow that comes with speech-recognized dictations and voice shortcuts, other benefits include:

Enhanced Reporting Accuracy – Entering information into the LIS in real time can lead to a more accurate report because it is completed while a pathologist is reviewing the images, before the details of the case might be forgotten. 

Faster Turnaround Time – Because workflow is optimized, reports are completed and delivered to ordering physicians more quickly, increasing physician satisfaction.

Improved Patient Care – By enhancing reporting accuracy and speeding turnaround time, patient care is improved because results are more detailed and delivered faster.

Pathologists should focus on systems that use specific vocabulary to maximize speech recognition accuracy when evaluating a speech recognition product. Flexible options to accommodate multiple workflows, including speech dictation, voice navigation, built-in commands, and customizable shortcut keys, are also important features. The product should be cloud-based to allow for integration with a LIS at multiple locations without requiring manual interfaces.

In today’s healthcare environments, laboratories and pathology groups must streamline workflow and operate efficiently to combat growing staff shortages and decreasing reimbursement. Speech recognition, when integrated within your LIS, can streamline diagnostics, improve productivity, and increase physician satisfaction.

Achieve a fully voice-activated pathology workflow with Dolbey Fusion Narrate and XIFIN LIS.

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