Blog Posts by Date: Jan 2023

Molecular Diagnostic Market-Share Expansion: Keys to Success

The molecular diagnostics market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. It’s a complex business with many challenges, including prior authorization requirements, diagnostic coding changes, the evolving regulatory landscape, and specimen collection moving from physician offices and laboratories to the home. Growing and scaling a...


What Can Medical Providers Learn from the Southwest Airlines Fiasco?

Even those who were lucky enough not to be traveling over the holidays are aware of the epic fail at Southwest. While all airlines were impacted, Southwest was running at about a third of their scheduled flights even after the brunt of the bad weather had passed. The impact on travelers was so significant, and so far outside of what other airlines...


New Scorecards Help Laboratories and Diagnostic Providers Track Performance on Key Metrics and Compare Results Against Peers

Laboratories and diagnostic providers are always interested in new and easier ways to leverage objective, market-based assessments of key performance indicators (KPIs), particularly in the context of their peers. To provide this insight, XIFIN recently launched a series of new scorecards that leverage XIFIN best-in-class performance metrics and...