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Three years into COVID and it's time to revise the Lab Volume Index. We're working on new analytics to help laboratory leaders understand market trends and we encourage you to sign up to be notified when the new charts are ready. In the meantime, all our previous data is still available in the interactive charts shown below.

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XiFin analyzes its diagnostic billing data to measure laboratory testing volumes as compared to a baseline pre-Coronavirus testing average. Currently, XiFin sees 15 - 20% of all COVID-19 and antibody testing claims nationwide, and analysis includes data representative of four out of five top integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and 10 of the top 12 public laboratories nationwide.

The charts on this page are interactive. For the Laboratory Volume Index, you can adjust the timeframe plotted in the chart by moving the beginning and ending sliders in the thumbnail below the chart. You can hover over the chart to see data details. Select a single laboratory segment by clicking the appropriate button below the chart title. You can also toggle on/off each of the testing categories (routine, COVID, and antibody) by clicking on those terms in the legend below the chart. In the second Laboratory Testing Volume chart, you can again toggle on/off each of the testing categories by clicking on their names in the legend. You can also use the dropdown list to the top right of the chart to select which month you'd like to see plotted.

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About the Laboratory Volume Index

The Lab Volume Index is a weekly measurement of laboratory testing volumes as compared to a pre-COVID-19 testing average (“baseline”). Its synthesis of lab billing data into a measurement of testing volumes enables comparisons of routine laboratory testing, COVID-19 testing, and antibody testing both over time and across key laboratory segments: clinical, hospital, molecular, anatomic pathology, and pain/tox. Baseline volume is an average of weekly volumes generated late January through February 2020.

Weekly Analysis – March 14, 2021

Continuing a trend that began in January this year, overall testing again declined this past week. Down 18% from the prior week, the drop is attributable to decreases both COVID-19 and routine testing. COVID-19 testing has been trending downward since the second week in January, with an average drop of 9% per week. Over that same period, routine testing has fluctuated from week to week, but averages out to no change overall. Routine testing ended the week at 105% of baseline, while COVID-19 testing ended up at 75% of baseline. Overall, the industry is at 182% of baseline for the week.

With the exception of the pathology segment, both COVID-19 and routine testing decreased across the board for every segment this past week. Here is a segment-by-segment breakdown:

  • Pain/tox labs notched down 16%, equal parts routine and COVID-19 testing. Overall testing volume ended the week at 211% of baseline.
  • The Molecular segment also saw nearly equal drops in both routine and COVID-19 testing, for a total decrease of 17% overall, the largest of any segment. Molecular ended the week at 287% of baseline.
  • Hospital labs erased gains made the prior week, dropping 7% to finish the week at 171% of baseline overall. Only one third of the drop was due to a reduction in COVID-19 testing; the rest was a decrease in routine testing.
  • ​​​​​​​Clinical lab volumes also dropped this past week, down two percentage points for routine testing and down six percentage points in COVID-19 testing, to finish at 181% of baseline overall. Antibody testing inched upward, logging a 1% gain to end the week at 5% of baseline.
  • The Pathology segment is the only one to see any gains this week, and it did so with modest increases in both routine and COVID-19 testing. Pathology testing finished the week at 116% of baseline, with the bulk of its test activity in routine testing (83%).
COVID-19 Resources from XiFin

XiFin's COVID-19 Laboratory Resource Center is designed to keep you updated on COVID-19 matters affecting laboratories, including the latest on testing, testing supply needs, and payor billing requirements.

COVID-19 Resources from XiFin

XiFin’s COVID-19 Laboratory Resource Center is designed to keep you updated on COVID-19 matters affecting laboratories, including the latest on testing, testing supply needs, and payor billing requirements.

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