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My group and I have never looked back in the 6 years since we made our professional home in the cloud. In fact, at meetings when I hear colleagues discussing the inflexibility and cost of their traditional LIS systems, I confess with a measure of guilt that I feel like a Tesla driver listening to the problems of horse-drawn carriage drivers.

Gregory S. Henderson, MD
PhD Founder, PathForce

Success Story

PathForceDx began their search for a cloud-based AP information system (APIS) after Hurricane Katrina when they started to think about how natural disasters could affect their laboratory operations. They initially wanted a way to have their anatomic pathology information system backed up in a remote location to protect it.

In this search they discovered that they would gain more benefits than just keeping their data backed up and secure, with a cloud-based system they could also login and work securely from anywhere, interface with the hospital EMRs and specimen tracking systems as well as have the ability to easily create, tailor and share reports. Using cloud technology also allows for flexible reporting, ensures HIPAA compliance and management and contains costs by avoiding expensive upgrades.

Cloud computing’s value proposition for diagnostic medicine is highlighted in Dr. Greg Henderson’s article "Pathology Cloud Atlas" in Advance for Laboratory Administrators Perspectives in Pathology. Operational efficiency, record preservation, and anytime/anywhere secure access are among some of the noted benefits to physicians.  XIFIN LIS is a cloud-based LIS that allows physicians to realize these benefits with ease.

On-Demand Webinar

Rainmaking with a Cloud-Based LIS: A Pathologist's Perspective

Hear in an on-demand webinar recording, how Dr. Gregory S. Henderson migrated his pathology practice to the cloud when faced with a quarter of a million dollar upgrade to keep the LIS system current to handle cost containment and the desire to reduce management and maintenance of an on-premise laboratory information system (LIS). What Dr. Henderson discovered was that he was able to gain from many unanticipated benefits beyond cost containment and streamlined maintenance.

Listen to hear one pathologist's perspective on how to thrive by improving operational efficiency and extending service reach in innovative ways with a cloud-based LIS platform. Hear why Dr. Henderson says since switching to a cloud-based LIS, he’s never looked back. Dr. Henderson will also present a case study about his work in Haiti and how a cloud-based LIS helped overcome the geographic and logistical challenges for local providers with virtual access to pathology expertise based in the US.



PathForceDx delivers rich diagnostics by expert pathologists that educate and empower patients and connect them with healthcare organizations and providers using innovative new information technologies.

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