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Our team was having to make tough decisions about where we put our energy. This solution allows us to focus on areas we hadn’t been able to before.

Nicole Kerr
Director of Revenue Services


Sonora Quest Laboratories, a XIFIN, Inc. RPM customer, used several methods to capture and validate insurance eligibility and coverage information to maximize reimbursement. However, the organization continued to encounter claims without enough valid information to submit a clean claim.

Because it integrates with XIFIN RPM, Sonora Quest turned to FrontRunner Health Care (FrontRunnerHC) for advanced insurance discovery capabilities. FrontRunnerHC leverages its access to 2,000+ data sources to find, cross-check, and fix patients’ demographic and insurance information, improving the ability for touchless claim submission and expedited reimbursement.

With XIFIN and FrontRunner HC, Sonora Quest achieved positive results, including:

  • Days sales outstanding declined more than 10 days.
  • Cash collection is more stable.
  • Volume and cost of correspondence decreased.
  • Fewer errors are getting to the Hold queue (i.e., more errors resolved faster).
  • Write-offs due to claims being too old to bill decreased 10 to 15 percent, saving more than $1 million each year.
  • The Sonora Quest team can focus on solving the root causes of errors and denials and share best practices with their clients contributing the most error types.
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About FrontRunner Health Care

FRHC has partnered with XIFIN to seamlessly integrate their Patient Remedi Insurance Discovery application with XIFIN RPM, delivering valid insurance coverage for self-pay patients and reducing the staffing expenses associated with discovery.
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Sonora Quest Laboratories

Sonora Quest Laboratories, an independently run joint venture between Banner Health and Quest Diagnostics, is the nation’s largest integrated laboratory system with approximately 3,200 employees serving more than 28,000 patients.


A market share leader in clinical laboratory testing in Arizona, Sonora Quest completes nearly eighty-five million diagnostic tests per year. Its comprehensive test menu includes routine, molecular, prescription drug monitoring, genetics/genomics, and pathology testing services.

Phoenix, AZ
Organization Type:
Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Laboratory, Molecular Diagnostics
XIFIN Solution:
Revenue Cycle Management
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