A CEO’s Guide to Connected Health

A CEO's Guide to Connected Health

Leveraging HIT and Diagnostic Information to Improve the Quality & Economics of Healthcare

The demand for and cost of healthcare is rising, which is challenging most healthcare economies. At the same time, digital technology is advancing steadily and its costs are lowering. The need to adopt technology to meet the healthcare cost and quality challenges is fairly obvious; however, in many ways, the healthcare industry has been slower than other industries in using technology with its service providers, patients and caregivers. Connected health encompasses the communication and collaboration that needs to occur between all the stakeholders involved in a patient’s health.

As the industry responds to changing health dynamics and quality and cost improvement pressure, diagnostic service providers are on the hook to assimilate information and collaborate to provide the most effective and appropriate treatments. Those that succeed in this endeavor will be the ones to maintain a vital role in the care continuum. XIFIN solutions support the diagnostic convergence that is connected health—enabling providers to increase revenues, collaborate effectively, improve operating efficiencies, and ultimately, to improve health outcomes and lower the costs of healthcare management. XIFIN’s technology spans both clinical and financial diagnostic data to enable connected health.

Within this paper, we discuss four case studies demonstrating XIFIN connected health in action:

  • Leverage collaboration to improve diagnostics and increase reimbursement
  • Connected health laboratory information system (LIS) delivers improved clinical decision support
  • XIFIN ProNet improves diagnostic accuracy
  • XIFIN real-time collaboration aids quality assurance