A CEO's Guide to Next Generation Revenue Cycle Management

A CEO's Guide to Next Generation Revenue Cycle Management

What Service Providers Need to Know to Survive the Changing Diagnostics Healthcare Environment

Macroeconomic pressure, increased governance, organizational changes, and technological advances are driving pervasive and lasting changes in the fabric of the healthcare system. Because diagnostic services influence the majority of healthcare decisions, changes to healthcare are magnified in the diagnostic services segment. Failure to aggressively adapt to this dynamic environment can easily imperil diagnostic service providers.

The system of record and the lifeblood of diagnostic service providers is the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) system. A dramatic rethinking of the role of RCM systems is critical to ensuring service providers are able to successfully compete in the marketplace.

This white paper specifically addresses:

      • How Changes Impact Diagnostics Healthcare
      • Next Generation RCM
      • How the Diagnostic Market Reacted to the Diagnostic Change
      • Costs of Not Changing

      Watch the Webinar

      Listen to industry experts, Lale White, Chairman and CEO, XIFIN and Rob Atlas, President and CEO, Atlas Development Corp discuss how labs and diagnostics service providers can have the right service at the right place at the right time.

      In this on-demand one-hour webinar, you will learn to:

      • Identify the impetus behind demands for more information and learn how increased governance and cost containment initiatives drive technology requirements 
      • Learn the four key characteristics of next generation revenue cycle management—interoperable, informative, intelligent, and instantaneous
      • See an example of how a Health Economics Optimization platform can be used to extend billing functionality, drive down costs, and improve overall performance
      • See how XIFIN has incorporated Web Services in its Health Economics Optimization platform and XIFIN iNet Portals and Web Services