Hands-Free Billing

Hands-Free Billing: Automating the Submission of Clean Claims

Automating the Submission of Clean Claims

Pathology, radiology, and laboratory service providers continue to face pricing pressure and eroding margins. That, coupled with the ever-increasing complexity of medical billing and reimbursement, provides a perfect opportunity to automate billing activity and workflow.

When done right, automation can significantly improve the efficiencies of a billing organization. Automation distilled from the collective intelligence of industry best practices, recommended standards, and knowledge derived from outcomes analysis, can be implemented to effectively handle complex variations in how a claim is billed and paid. Poorly designed automation, on the other hand, can be worse than no automation at all. Automation is both an art and a science, and when properly implemented, enables your organization to reap the benefits of hands-free billing.

With hands-free billing from XIFIN, radiology providers automatically identify and resolve claim errors up-front to:

  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of claims
  • Reduce the number of claims that require review
  • Decrease up-front denials
  • Accelerate the number of days to paid claim
  • Increase claims processing productivity