Integrated Laboratory Solutions – Helping Build Effective Hospital Laboratory Outreach Programs

Integrated Laboratory Solutions

These days, most hospital labs have some degree of outreach program designed either to serve the immediate community or to offer targeted services nationwide. In fact, improvements in the lab positively impact virtually every department and patient in a hospital, such as accelerating time to treatment. However, most hospital and health system leaders continue to view hospital outreach labs as a cost center rather than a potential profit center. Hospital outreach labs can, and should, become profitable business units by offering lab services to local physician practices, clinics, nursing homes, and other provider organizations. One of the most important keys to building a profitable lab outreach program is to develop a business plan and select the integrated software systems that support that business plan

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Preparing a hospital lab outreach business and operational plan
  • Integrating RCM for better billing and richer data
  • Leveraging Data
  • Utilizing the right LIS