The Latest Trends in Denials and Appeals Management for Laboratories and Pathology Practices

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is increasing in complexity. Payors introduce new and more rigid policies that make collecting reimbursement for the services rendered much more challenging for all types of diagnostic providers.  

Taking a strategic approach to RCM and having a flexible and agile process, supported by the right technology, has never been more valuable. Read our in-depth white paper to see the most recent denial and appeals trends based on data from XiFin customers.  

Download the white paper now to learn: 

  • How to enhance productivity and optimize the efficiency of your appeals process through automation, improving both the speed and propensity of reimbursement
  • How to respond to top denial reasons by payor group to maximize appeal success
  • How your organization’s appeal success rates compare against industry benchmarks
  • Tricky payor policies to watch out for to minimize denials and improve appeals success
  • Strategies to measure the ROI of your appeals process

This paper also offers insights into the changing behavior of payors, the ways payors modify claim processing protocols that drive denials, and XiFin-recommended practices for an appeal process designed to help you automate key tasks that save time and improve appeal success.