Stemming the Outpatient Profit Squeeze With Revenue Cycle Workflow Gap Analysis

Stemming the Outpatient Profit Squeeze

Boosting top-line revenue and bottom-line performance while delivering a stellar patient experience has become more challenging than ever before. As outpatient services have exceeded 40% of hospital and health system revenue, most EHR systems lack the visibility, connectivity, interoperability, and intelligence to optimize revenue cycle management for these services. 

Explore our interactive e-Book to find out how to identify critical gaps in your outpatient billing process, their impact, and the solutions you can use to improve revenue cycle management. 

You’ll find answers to the key questions that affect your bottom line including:

  • Do you have the Order Entry & Patient Registration reporting capabilities to isolate and manage problem areas?
  • Have you ensured compliance with the No Surprises Act?
  • Are you able to measure individual and team productivity in managing billings?
  • Can you easily identify adverse patterns in claim submissions?
  • Do you have the tools to effectively track, manage, and negotiate payor contracts?
  • Are you able to accurately quantify underpayments and denials?
  • Do you have the business intelligence, data architecture, integration and QA resources to deliver the reporting and insights need to optimize cash flow?

Read the full report to better understand how a comprehensive gap analysis can you maximize outpatient services revenue cycle management.