XIFIN RPM Advanced Analytics

XIFIN RPM Advanced Analytics

Actionable Insight Is Transformative

To effectively manage complex business decisions and optimize clinical outcomes, diagnostic service providers must be able to precisely measure results and compare them to internal goals and industry benchmarks. Based on more than 20 years of experience serving the diagnostic market, XIFIN understands the complexity of claims data and the dynamic reimbursement and regulatory demands inherent in providing diagnostic services. To meet these demands, XIFIN delivers a selection of business intelligence capabilities that complement its revenue cycle management (RCM) solution, XIFIN RPM.

C-level executives, finance, billing and revenue cycle leaders, subject matter experts, and departmental managers all need access to operational and financial reporting; however, they need them for various purposes, for different times periods, and to support a multitude of decisions. RCM data is complex, and by its very nature is changing through the claim lifecycle, making effective analysis very difficult. That’s why XIFIN RPM offers robust advanced analytics and visualization options. In addition, AI-enabled advanced analytics can synthesize RCM data to uncover actionable insights while also allowing detailed data exploration for root cause analysis. Understanding your complex data and utilizing it for better decision making and optimized workflow has never been simpler.

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