XIFIN RPM vs. Licensed Lab Billing Software

XIFIN RPM vs. Licensed Software

Lower total cost of billing and improved revenue capture are key drivers of success for XIFIN's RPM solution

To understand true laboratory total cost of billing, it is crucial for laboratories to address both operational and opportunity costs. Only by factoring both well-understood costs, such as staff and software, and costs that are less visible, such as uncollected cash, can an organization achieve significant improvements in cost and performance.

Achieving a true evaluation of total cost of billing is critical to understanding how XIFIN RPM is able to outperform other billing solutions. In particular, there are five key aspects of the total cost of billing—all leveraging XIFIN’s cloud-based architecture—that enable XIFIN customers to improve their bottom lines and gain visibility and more control over their operations:

  • Financial integrity and visibility
  • Automated and scalable workflow
  • Build-in interoperability and extensible web services and portals
  • Integrated enterprise-class business intelligence
  • Unparalleled managed services

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