XIFIN RPM is a comprehensive, award-winning, accounts receivable and financial management solution. It improves financial performance for diagnostic providers, specialty physician groups, medical device companies, and hospital outpatient services by automating the end-to-end revenue cycle management (RCM) process. XIFIN RPM maximizes reimbursements and cash collections.

XIFIN RPM 14 delivers integrated capabilities that include robust workflow automation, actionable financial insights, and superior connectivity.

New capabilities include:

  • Email and text communication options for physicians and patients
  • More advanced analytics dashboards that makes executive, financial and operational analysis and decision making easier
  • Enhanced web services that enable you to engage with patients and referring physicians earlier to capture information before claims have been submitted.
Go Beyond Billing for Improved Financial Performance

Automation Through Expanded Web Services

The information involved in revenue cycle management is both useful and powerful. The XIFIN RPM web-native platform links the many different stakeholders in the process and exchanges the right data at the right place at the right time.

The availability of robust web services enables internet-connected systems to inform one another in near real-time. This bidirectional data exchange enables the digital communication of transaction data, file maintenance, and eligibility. It allows immediate information updates, enhancing productivity and minimizing risk. Web services also enable organizations to share information via patient portals and physician office systems more easily and quickly, which ultimately minimizes lag on information exchange and thereby increases patient satisfaction, improves patient and referring client retention, and ultimately decreases write-offs.

Go Deeper Into Your Data

Advanced Analytics Help You Make Better Business Decisions

Diagnostic providers need actionable information and systems that can provide insight-oriented analytics that empower decision makers with information that drives better business practices. Advanced Analytics provide in-depth business insights via high-quality, comprehensive, structured data. These analytical capabilities answer the financial and operational reporting and analysis needs across your organization.

XIFIN RPM business intelligence portfolio provides many different visualizations that help decision makers complete difficult financial analysis faster and more easily. The business intelligence’s in-memory database increases speed and performance, which enables diagnostics executives to drill down into data in real time.

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"Approximately 80 billing employees across eight of our U.S. labs use the XIFIN RPM system. Its ease-of-use and automation capabilities have been instrumental in enhancing our team’s productivity. The real-time data insights provided by XIFIN RPM’s integrated visualization capabilities allow us to analyze data and trends across lab specialties that we can then use for global reporting purposes, to help inform strategic revenue improvements and ensure timely consultative interactions with our clients." 

Tim Langford
Director of Billing, Clinical Diagnostics US Eurofins

Enhanced Portal Communication and Engagement Capabilities

XIFIN RPM 14 provides new communications capabilities that work with XIFIN’s Patient Portal, Patient Responsibility Estimator, and Client Portal.

XIFIN Patient Portal

Now providers can send patients text notifications or emails with a link to view test results through the patient portal.

XIFIN Patient Responsibility Estimator

Patients can be notified by email or text to view and approve their estimated out-of-pocket expense prior to tests being performed. Patients can also pre-pay for tests and services from the patient eligibility screen.

XIFIN Client Portal

Enhancements to the Client Portal include the ability for referring physicians and staff to review interactive statements, dispute pricing, or rebill insurance. It also enables customers to collect co-pays and pre-payments online. Notifications are sent to clients when new invoices are available, and e-invoices can be reviewed at the line-item level and paid via the XIFIN Client Portal.

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"As a testament to the benefit of XIFIN's portal infrastructure a 12-month analysis showed XIFIN customers offering patient portal functionality saw 42% increase in payment and the value of the payment grew 18%."

*XIFIN portal count usage from February 2020 - February 2021

Mike Fauver
AVP Health Systems, XIFIN Inc.

Flexible Billing Solutions

XIFIN RPM 14 offers unrivaled flexibility to meet your billing and revenue cycle management needs. Whether your team manages billing in-house, or outsources some or all functions to XIFIN, XIFIN RPM 14 provides what you need now and in the future. Our unique delivery model enables you to design a solution that fits your business today and provides the flexibility you need to adapt to changing market requirements.

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