XIFIN RPM gives laboratories, medical device companies, and radiology providers the ability to take control of their billing operations and financial performance.

Diagnostic billing is not only among the most complex in healthcare, it also occupies a critical position in healthcare delivery. Diagnostic data drives over 70% of healthcare decisions, and billing is the point of convergence for diagnostic, demographic, and other information that combine to enable providers, payors, and patients to optimize healthcare.

In this environment, billing solutions are required to be so much more than claim generators. That’s where XIFIN comes in. Powered by our Health Economic Optimization platform,  XIFIN RPMTM is a comprehensive, highly automated Revenue Performance Management system that maximizes efficiency, improves cash collection, and increases financial accuracy. XIFIN RPM's unique combination of Cloud-based system wrapped with comprehensive managed services makes for a potent weapon in any diagnostic service provider's arsenal. Our expertise and experience are unmatched, making XIFIN the recognized leader in diagnostic billing solutions. 

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XIFIN RPM in the Lab

Seven of the 10 largest laboratories in the US rely on XIFIN RPM: our unmatched experience and expertise in billing and revenue performance management is a testament to our continued technological innovation and thought leadership within the medical billing industry.


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XIFIN RPM for Radiology

XIFIN Radiology Solutions offer all of the capabilities radiology providers need to shorten days to paid claims, reduce denials, and increase cash collections and staff productivity.

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XIFIN RPM for Medical Devices

Medical device companies can improve their businesses by taking control of their billing. Increase revenue, cash and contracts, decrease denials, and improve coverage.

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The total cost of billing

The only way to optimize revenue and financial performance is to know your true total cost of billing as a percent of revenues.