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Making healthcare administration easier for patients, physicians, and their teams

Alleviating the Administrative Burden of Diagnostic Healthcare

By serving over 150 diagnostic providers and having visibility across more than 100 million unique patient records, we see how prior authorizations, reimbursement complexities, co-pays, deductibles, and unexpected out-of-pocket expenses are negatively impacting patients, physicians, and diagnostic providers.

Patients are now responsible for 30% of healthcare revenue

90% of physicians said prior authorizations burdens have increased in the last 5 years

28% of physicians said prior authorization delays have led to a serious adverse event

That’s why we use the power of technology to remove as much of the administrative burden of diagnostic healthcare as possible. Our patient and physician engagement solutions give diagnostic providers and physicians more time to focus on their patients and clients; provide patients transparency to their financial responsibilities; make it easier for patients to pay for services; and facilitate access to the services their physicians are recommending.


Strategies to Improve Revenue, Patient Engagement, and Physician Satisfaction
March 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM PT​

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Making Patient Financial Responsibility Clear and Payment Easy

Driven by higher co-pays, increased participation in high deductible healthcare plans, and claim denials due to prior authorization requirements not being followed, patients face higher out-of-pocket expenses than ever before. Patients are now responsible for 30% of healthcare revenue, and these added expenses are a significant driver of patient dissatisfaction.

Diagnostic providers and physician offices can leverage technology to help take a potentially negative moment of patient dissatisfaction and turn it to a moment of clarity and positive engagement. The right solution can help your patients understand the impact to their wallet at the time of service and make it easy for them to pay their balance or pre-pay their portion.

At the point of service, your patient-facing team members can leverage the XIFIN patient responsibility estimator to initiate positive patient encounters. They can give patients full visibility into their out-of-pocket expense, as well as provide the ability to pre-pay at the time of service rather than wait for a bill in the mail. In turn, diagnostic providers improve their cash collections and shorten their accounts receivable cycle.

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XIFIN Patient Responsibility Estimator Now Available within XIFIN RPM

Patient demographic and insurance information can be easily entered, and then all that is needed is the selection of the payor, client, and test or service ID to initiate the estimation. The patient’s financial responsibility is estimated in real time and is based on the diagnostic provider’s expect pricing schedule and the patient’s co-pay and deductible balance.

Simplifying Prior Authorizations and Improving Revenue Performance

Each year, $31 billion is spent on prior authorizations. According to a recent survey by the American Medical Association, nearly 90% of physicians said prior authorization burdens have increased during the last 5 years, and 28% said prior authorization delays have led to a serious adverse event. With physicians completing on average 31 prior authorizations each week and more than a third employing staff who work exclusively on prior authorizations, it is clear that prior authorizations are costly.

That's why we have partnered with Glidian to provide automated prior authorization capabilities for our XIFIN RPM and XIFIN LIS customers. Our combined capabilities enable a simplified process that further increases revenue through the reduction of preventable denials and works with the prior authorization workflow, logic, and document storage already available within XIFIN RPM. Knowing the workflow of prior authorizations starts at the physician's office, our partner's prior authorization capability can be used as a stand-alone application, or it can integrate with XIFIN LIS so that physicians or diagnostic providers can initiate the prior authorization process as early as possible. The prior authorization process is now easier than ever.

Streamline Your Workflow

Submit and track all your prior authorizations electronically through a single platform. You will no longer need to fax or call health plans.

Prevent Denials

Our system incorporates insurance-specific requirements from medical policies and automatically updates as policies change. Our machine learning algorithm learns from previous submissions to prevent denials.

Get Decisions Sooner

Cases are routed to the appropriate benefits manager in the format they accept. Receive real-time notifications on the case.

Proven Results


Reduction in Time Spent per Case


Increase in Revenue


Faster Time to Decision

Source: Results are an average across all Glidian customers. ​

XIFIN and Glidian have provided the ability to streamline the prior authorization workflow for my team. Our verifiers are able to track their prior authorizations in real time, cutting down the turnaround time in providing decisions to our clients and patients. Integration of the tool was simple, and minimal training was needed, which makes this solution incredibly user friendly.

Irene Jivani

Director of Strategic Partnerships Baylor Genetics

Increasing Payments, Improving Patient Experience, and Reducing Labor Costs with Self-Service Options

Shrinking reimbursements and increasingly complex regulations are squeezing the profits of diagnostic providers. Leaders need to strategically consider how they may increase payments and lower costs while improving the patient experience. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables automated answering of incoming calls, which reduces unnecessary incoming calls to your team members and allows patients to quickly pay their bill. XIFIN RPM portals improve efficiency by delivering functionality to constituents like patients and physician offices in an intuitive web interface.

Your patients get the flexibility to access account information and make payments 24/7/365 with convenient portal and automated pay-by-phone options. And you’ll see improved efficiency and staff productivity by using our portals or implementing our easy-to-use IVR to reduce attended inbound phone calls.

Implementation of IVR Alone


Reduction in calls requiring an agent


Incremental increase in payment per patient

Implementation of Patient Portal


Reduction in calls requiring an agent


Reduction in going through the IVR


Additional incremental increase in payment per patient

Patients want engagement on their terms, and increasingly, those terms include smart mobile devices. Patients aren’t just using their smartphones to call their doctors. Millennials want to receive text messages about all aspects of care delivery, from front-office appointment reminders to back-office billing and payment options.

Automated Patient Text-to-Pay Options

Our text-to-pay solution empowers mobile phone users to take charge of their finances using the channel of communication that is most comfortable and convenient for them. Automated text messages are sent to your patients directing them to call or visit the patient portal to manage their outstanding balances.

Outbound IVR Capabilities

Our IVR capabilities offer outgoing calls and text messages to contact patients when and where they are most likely to be reached. With outbound IVR calls, you can identify the right parties and politely:

  • Remind them of their appointment
  • Give pre-registration information
  • Confirm their appointment
  • Remind them to check their blood pressure or other clinical action
  • Ask them for new insurance information
  • Inform them of overdue account balances

In response to text-to-pay options or outbound IVR capabilities, patients can make credit card payments and transmit other information to help them settle their accounts more quickly.

Additionally, patients may choose to transfer to your staff to provide updated insurance information, ask about upcoming appointments, or reschedule an appointment. They can also make payments or otherwise resolve their accounts.

Strategic Partners

XIFIN constantly strives to bring its clients the most innovative and practical solutions to their business problems. Critical elements of that effort are partnering with industry-leading technology companies and service providers. Below are some of our patient and physician engagement technology partners.