XIFIN Managed Services

A key differentiator of XIFIN RPM is the extensive set of managed services that are part of the solution.

XIFIN Managed Services Do the Heavy Lifting

XIFIN Managed Services do the heavy lifting of maintaining the technology infrastructure, data logic, and perform all submissions, processing, and other data exchanges, so that you can concentrate on optimizing your diagnostic services business.

XIFIN leverages its cloud-based technology platform as well as its extensive industry expertise to deliver services that other technology providers simply cannot. XIFIN shoulders the burden of the intense management required to keep the complex and continuously changing revenue cycle management process current, reliable, and timely so that its clients don't have to. In fact, the failure of most billing operations can be traced to inadequate maintenance of data, connectivity, functionality, compliance rules, transaction services, reporting and infrastructure services—all tasks that are seamlessly handled by XIFIN's expert staff.

''With XIFIN you don't have to be on top of all the regulations, it happens automatically on the fly. XIFIN has a whole team of people behind the scenes that take care of it; before, I was the one responsible, and it would take hours and days, and you had to constantly read everything in every publication. XIFIN provides all that, and it's invaluable.''

Angela Freeman

AR Manager, Physicians Reference Laboratory

Features of XIFIN Managed Services

Ongoing Maintenance of Data Logic

The ongoing maintenance of data logic (such as ICD-10 and CPT codes, LCDs, NCDs, ZIP Codes, Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules, remittance advice and adjustment codes, state level no-markup or disclosure rules), and daily processing and management of all online submission.

Policy of 100% Reconciliation

XIFIN follows a policy of "100% reconciliation" and takes full advantage of all electronic submissions, acknowledgements, and remittance advice so that organizations have the necessary visibility to identify problems and rectify them as quickly as possible. XIFIN's EDI department is the "first responder" for all rejected claim files. Our team works directly with health plans (payors) and clearinghouses to resolve all rejected claims.

Client Success Managers

Client Success Managers deliver another set of unique services not found in any other vendor's billing solution. Working with your billing and management team, these subject matter experts ensure your workflow practices are optimized for maximum efficiency and revenue performance. They employ scorecards and benchmarks to assess a laboratory's performance, and perform periodic in-depth practice reviews designed to uncover potential opportunities for growth and improvement and ensure you are taking maximum advantage of the XIFIN solution. XIFIN's dedicated staff works tirelessly on your behalf to ensure peak system performance, which in turn generates maximized clean claim submissions, and fastest collection of cash.

''The analysis XIFIN has done of hospital lab market price data will be of high interest, not just in the lab industry, but also among legislators and healthcare policy experts.''

Robert Michel

Editor, The Dark Report Coming cuts to lab test pricing will impact thousands of companies