XIFIN Business Intelligence

XIFIN Business Intelligence helps you get the most from your data. Cloud-based and built on a world-class infrastructure that is powered to handle the demands of healthcare diagnostic providers, you’ll have easy access to business performance and key metrics, whenever and wherever you need them.

XIFIN Business Intelligence

XIFIN Business IntelligenceAs a diagnostic services provider, how can you effectively manage business decisions and optimize clinical outcomes without being able to precisely measure results and compare them to internal goals and industry benchmarks? The truth is you can't. This challenge is exacerbated by the complexity of data and dynamic reimbursement and regulatory demands inherent in providing diagnostic services. As a result, business intelligence (BI) analytics and applications are essential tools for CEOs and executive team members to make the best strategic decisions to guide companies to success.

What makes BI applications effective is the underlying quality of the data. Healthcare data, particularly diagnostic and billing data, is especially complex and the XIFIN business intelligence data model is specifically designed for this environment. We have applied our expertise in healthcare financial management to design a data model that makes sense and yields meaningful results. XIFIN business intelligence is based on a foundation of data that is both GAAP and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant; you can be confident in the quality of the information conveyed.

XIFIN Managed Services: Navigating Through BI Successfully

Catherine Theodore, Senior Customer Facing BI Engineer, explains the steps that XIFIN Business Intelligence takes in providing assistance to customers, ensuring they receive the most out of the system with the least amount of effort.

Managed Services: Business Intelligence for Every Level of Need

Liya Wu, Director of Information Engineering, explains the versatility of the different Business Intelligence product solutions and how they benefit XIFIN clients.

XIFIN Business Intelligence is cloud-based and built on a world-class infrastructure that is powerful enough to handle the demands of healthcare diagnostic providers. Housed in a secure Oracle database at a HIPAA compliant facility with built-in redundancy, XIFIN provides world-class BI that gives you access to the information you need, when you need it to make the best financial and clinical decisions. And because it's built on the XIFIN cloud-based platform, diagnostic service providers of all sizes can now cost-effectively access enterprise-level business intelligence.

XIFIN Provides the Essential Components of Effective BI:

XIFIN Business Intelligence helps you get the most from your data.  You’ll have easy access to the knowledge you want about business performance and key metrics at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

"We developed a fairly significant data warehouse with enterprise-level analytics, because a lot of the larger laboratories had problems really synthesizing all the financial data. Now, they can integrate payroll, inventory, and cost data. Plus, the business analytics produce the type of reporting that's required not only for internal management, but for external management as well. You can look at the data in terms of normal or abnormal results, in a really targeted fashion."
–Lâle White, CEO, XIFIN