XIFIN iNet Portals and Web Services

XIFIN iNet Portals and Web Services leverage the HIPAA-compliant XIFIN technology platform to deliver applications and web services to key stakeholders and systems. XIFIN iNet delivers the right capabilities to the right place, at the right time. The Affordable Care Act, PAMA, Hitech, and changing reimbursement models are all fueling the need for diagnostic service providers to better leverage their information systems and data sources. XIFIN iNet portals and web services are another reason why business is better in the cloud and are perfect for providing end-to-end connectivity from patient to payor with clean, audience-centric access.

XIFIN iNet Portals

XIFIN iNet portals utilize the XIFIN iNet technology infrastructure to deliver applications to key stakeholders. Each portal exposes a logical set of capabilities and information to a target group, such as physicians or patients.

What kinds of applications exist for XIFIN iNet portals? You decide who your audiences are, and what type of services and capabilities you'd like to provide. Here are a few:

Enable physician order entry and ensure clean claims up front

Enable clients to check patient eligibility, test specifications, and pricing information

Provide patient and client account and payment services

XIFIN iNet Web Services

For organizations that already have portals of their own and want to expose apps within them, or who desire to provide system-to-system connectivity and information sharing, XIFIN iNet web services operate flexibly, seamlessly, and with all the HIPAA and Internet security protocols already built in. XIFIN iNet web services enable "digital conversations"—two-way data exchange between systems in real time.

Using XIFIN iNet portals and web services allows immediate data capture and access in the system of record, seamlessly.

The information held within laboratory and radiology billing and information systems is incredibly useful and powerful: diagnostic services influence the vast majority of medical decisions and therapy choices, and 70 – 80% of a patient’s medical record data—relevant to optimizing care—is diagnostics results. XIFIN iNet Portals help diagnostic service providers leverage these important assets and related system capabilities to their fullest.


Enhance productivity with automation

Improve customer service and retention

Increase collection rates

Strengthen your organization's value to patients, physicians, and payors, and within coordinated patient care groups

Eliminate data latency problems - No more errors due to data synchronization and double-keying issues

Enable secure collaboration and consultation

Next-Gen RCM Capabilities that Improve Profitability

How can the right revenue cycle management technology create a more profitable laboratory? It starts with the 4 I’s. See if your organization’s revenue cycle management (RCM) system is up to the challenge of an ever-changing healthcare environment, including changing reimbursement and coding models.

'We deployed XIFIN’s iNet Web Services to allow our clients to log into our website and view their client prices and CPT codes at their convenience. The client price inquiry web service had a dramatic change on our customer service satisfaction, with our phone representatives now freed up to efficiently respond on actual issues and our clients were also very pleased with being able to view their prices online.'

Global Reference Laboratory Director, Revenue Cycle

XIFIN iNet Portals

Increase efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction, with the XIFIN iNet Client Portal

A client portal is an ideal way to interact with client physicians, laboratories, and other providers. It allows them to self-service, gaining immediate access to test, pricing, and eligibility information that would otherwise require a phone call to your staff. Offering this capability to your clients empowers them with access to their account information, allows them to make payments as needed, correct errors on orders and ultimately reduces the workload for both their staff and yours.

The XIFIN iNet Client Portal empowers diagnostic service providers with the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their business. The platform's fundamental interoperability means there are no data discontinuity or synchronization issues.

Built on the XIFIN technology platform, the XIFIN iNet Client Portal empowers diagnostic service providers with the ability to leverage multiple information systems and data sources to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their business. The platform's fundamental interoperability means there are no data discontinuity or synchronization issues.

The portal becomes an even more powerful and informative tool for your clients with XIFIN ProNet, securely delivering online consultation and collaboration capabilities.

Already have a portal in place? No problem; XIFIN iNet web services let you take advantage of the same set of capabilities, delivered to your existing portal or cloud-based order entry system. In fact, XIFIN partner Atlas Systems has already incorporated XIFIN functionality into its CPOE solution.

Benefits Include:

Increased convenience for clients, with 24/7 instant access to:

  • Detailed test information, including profile component makeup, CPT codes, and client-specific pricing
  • Real-time access to pricing information and invoices without placing a phone call to the billing department
  • Current and past invoices and payment history
  • Email notification to a client when an invoice is available for payment
  • Ability to make and apply payments to any outstanding balances

Increased productivity of billing staff:

  • Fewer interruptions for routine questions
  • Reduced need to manually locate pricing information or past invoices

Deliver a branded, secure environment via the XIFIN iNet Client Portal, or leverage components within your existing client portal or CPOE.

XIFIN iNet Patient Portal gives patients convenient 24-hour access to their accounts

With a patient portal, you can enhance patient-provider communication, improve patient payment, reduce administrative overhead, and empower patients.

24-Hour Convenience

Web portals have become the de facto standard for communicating information, giving consumers the ability to review large amounts of their data on their own schedules, and from whatever location and device is most convenient to them. For laboratories, radiology groups, and medical device companies, a patient portal is an excellent means for establishing and strengthening relationships with patients. Given the continuing trend toward higher deductible health plans that effectively shift more of the financial burden onto patients, it's never been more critical to establish strong relationships with patients.

According to McKinsey & Company, "More than 90% [of insured patients] are willing and able to pay liabilities less than $500. Yet collection rates lag well behind these levels [at 50-70%], even for relatively low-ticket payments." Patient portals help improve these statistics by providing a convenient and secure way for patients to make payments.

Of equal importance, a patient portal can simplify and speed the process of obtaining updated patient and insurance information, which in turn speeds and improves claim submission, and frees staff time for other activities.

Consistency Across All Touchpoints

Because of its web services architecture, the XIFIN iNet Patient Portal eradicates data synchronization and latency issues—payments made on the portal are instantly reflected in the billing system, and updates within XIFIN RPM are immediately visible in the portal. 

Watch this interview with XIFIN founder Mike Coats to learn more about how the XIFIN iNet Patient Portal and similar capabilities can positively impact your bottom line.

Benefits Include:

  • Increase patient payments and improve cash collections
  • Reduce errors by enabling patients to correct demographic and billing data
  • Improve staff productivity and streamline revenue cycle management
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Improve patient relations by avoiding unnecessary collections efforts
  • Reduce bad debt and billing costs

Reduce Error Processing and DSO; Collect More Cash, Earlier

An increase in patient responsibility across almost all insurance plans means that collecting fees from patients is increasingly important to a laboratory’s bottom line. XIFIN iNet web services for patient service centers gives labs with interoperable registration systems the ability to identify and capture patient fees up front at the time of service.

Determining outstanding balances and error processing are two activities that traditionally have been confined to the billing department. In registration systems that leverage XIFIN’s advanced web service technology, these capabilities are now available at the Patient Service Center (PSC). When XIFIN iNet web services are incorporated into a registration system at a PSC, it allows the lab to collect outstanding co-pays, deductibles, and balances, and correct patient demographics while the patient is present. The result? A dramatic increase in collections and a decrease in both Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and the time spent in error processing.

Benefits Include:

Capture the right information at the right time.

  • Enable service center staff to inform patients of their payment responsibilities and collect payment
  • Increase payment rates
  • Decrease costs for bills and dunning cycles

Submit claims and receive reimbursement faster.

  • Decrease errors and reduce FTE hours spent cleaning claims
  • Submit a larger percentage of clean claims up front
  • Reduce the quantity of error processing correspondence
  • Reduce labor-intensive manually corrected, one-off updates

View a case study on how a US laboratory implemented XIFIN iNet web services within Atlas Medical’s LabWorks® to aggressively drive costs down and increase efficiency. Using the combined interoperable solution from both partners, the laboratory gains a significant increase in cash collections and a noticeable reduction its DSO and internal costs.

Cleaner Orders, Less Manual Work, and Faster Reimbursement

Rigorous claim editing, eligibility checking, and error processing traditionally have been confined to a laboratory's billing department, but through XIFIN’s advanced web service technology, it is now available on the physician desktop. Medical necessity, National Correct Coding Initiative, and thousands of individual edits are constantly and meticulously maintained by the XIFIN staff and can be pushed through your order entry system or client portal to the physician desktop, ensuring that virtually every order is cleanly submitted and requires no downstream error processing.

Minimized order entry errors

As physician offices look to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements to transmit lab orders and results electronically, laboratories have the opportunity to gain a distinct competitive advantage by offering an order entry product with XIFIN iNet web services embedded.

XIFIN's physician services enhance order entry systems with the same powerful claim scrubbing capabilities found in XIFIN RPM to ensure orders enter the system accurately.

Rev up your client portal

For diagnostic providers that have their own client portals in place but still want to leverage the advanced capabilities found in the XIFIN iNet Client Portal, XIFIN iNet web services securely delivers those capabilities, enabling maximum control over portals. Eligibility checking, test information and pricing, billing transactions, all can be made available to physician offices.

Benefits Include:

Increase the percentage of clean claims received up front.

  • Increase claim submittal rate and reimbursement time, as automated claims flow through the billing process at top speed
  • Reduce the volume of errors and employee time spent cleaning claims
  • Lessen the quantity of error processing correspondence letters sent to physicians
  • Decrease manually-corrected errors and one-off updates called, faxed, or sent in by physician offices

Improve client satisfaction.

  • Reduce the need for physician office staff to reopen patient records for updates or corrections
  • Decrease the amount of manual work and labor costs for physician office staff

Enhance the value of electronic order entry for both the lab and physician.

  • Experience a clear cost savings due to less rework of incorrect orders
  • Increase the volume of submitted claims and speed of payment

Enhance Productivity & Minimize the Possibility of Errors within & Across Organizational Systems

Using standard Internet and healthcare interoperability and security protocols, XIFIN iNet Internal and External Web Services enable data exchange between XIFIN RPM and other organizational systems such as Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, as well as between XIFIN RPM and systems external to the organization, such as clearinghouses, payors, and banks.

Synchronous Exchange of Data Across Internal Systems

Like all XIFIN iNet Services, these web services allow systems to instantaneously inform one another as new data become available, and to share selected data as appropriate.

Enhance Productivity of Non-Technical Staff

  • Simultaneously update XIFIN RPM as account managers and client service representatives update demographic information from clients in the LIS or CRM system.
  • Synchronously update XIFIN RPM as payor specialists address payor-specific issues and update payor reimbursement requirements.
  • Reduce burden on billing staff to set up tests in the billing system by auto-populating test edits made by technical staff, such as updated diagnostic test configurations, options, and the addition of new tests.
  • Enable client service representatives to answer routine test-pricing and billing questions without involvement of billing staff by providing them direct, controlled, access to appropriate information in XIFIN RPM.

Read a use case where a national lab is using XIFIN iNet Internal / External Web Services to synchronize data between its SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and the XIFIN system. This has allowed thousands of billing records per month to be automatically updated, which translates to fewer errors and less time spent on file maintenance.

XIFIN iNet Web Services in Action


The client services and billing office phone representatives of a large national lab were constantly receiving calls, to the tune of thousands per week, from ordering clients asking “What is my price? What are the CPT codes?” for a particular test. These inquiry calls were preventing the staff from focusing on and providing efficient service on issues and exceptions.


The lab deployed XIFIN iNet’s client price inquiry web service to their existing client portal, allowing their ordering clients to view test information including their prices and CPT codes online at their convenience 24/7. This had a dramatic effect on the lab’s client service and billing office call centers, freeing up their staff of those thousands of calls per week. The staff can now provide more efficient customer service on the true issues and exceptions. The reduction in overall call volume also allowed the lab to redistribute staff to help in other areas of the operation.