28th Annual Executive War College

In this "year of opportunity," attendees had a chance to meet with XiFin thought leaders on how to maximize payor reimbursement, grow revenue faster, increase patient and physician engagement, and much more. 

XiFin experts presented on a number of important and timely topics at Executive War College this year: 


Automating the Patient Experience at Time of Genetic Test Order: Effective Approaches to Engage Genetic Counselors and Benefits Investigation to Speed Patient Acceptance ​

Harley Ross
Chief Commercial Officer

Heather Agostinelli
VP, Strategic Revenue Ops

In this session, Mr. Ross and Ms. Agostinelli explored winning physician engagement strategies and techniques designed to increase ordering volumes, maximize clean claims, and automate denials and appeals management to maximize reimbursement. They discussed novel ways to engage genetic counselors to better anticipate and respond to payor behavior and will report on one such program that leverages genetic counselor knowledge to have greater confidence and predictability of reimbursement success at a payor/plan and test level. They also discussed the most effective patient communication touchpoints and technology enablers to assist patients in preparing for out-of-pocket expenses and increase test completion rates.


Is it Time for Retail Pharmacies and Clinical Labs to Start a Dating Relationship to Offer Value to Each Other?

David Pope
Chief Pharmacy Officer

As the healthcare landscape evolves, laboratories are seeking new ways to increase revenue, maximize reimbursement, and provide a seamless patient experience. One promising avenue for achieving these goals is through partnerships with pharmacies and specialty physician groups.

In this speaker session, our expert shared valuable insights on this growing trend, emphasizing the value of collaborating with pharmacies to achieve these goals. The speaker discussed the recommended practices for laboratories to partner with pharmacies using collaborative practice agreements, which allow pharmacists to perform clinical tests and prescribe medications based on laboratory results.


Harnessing the Power of RCM Data and Insights to Transform Your Business and Operational Strategies

Ellen Beausang
Chief Commercial Officer, BioReference Health, LLC

Tim Langford
Director of Billing, Clinical Diagnostics US, Eurofins Scientific

Heather Agostinelli
VP, Strategic Revenue Ops

Ben Conroy
Director of Molecular Revenue

Diana Richard
Sr. Director, Pathology and Strategic Development

This moderator-led panel discussion focused on the role of RCM data and analytics in transforming laboratory business and operational strategies. The talk covered how various stakeholders can use RCM data and analytics insights, including finance executives, revenue cycle leaders, commercialization efforts, and managed care professionals. Key topics for discussion included:

  • How analytics help to make informed decisions about resource allocation, investment strategies, and overall financial management
  • Identifying inefficiencies and cost-reduction opportunities
  • The most common areas of revenue leakage and the best corrective actions to improve billing accuracy and optimize reimbursement rates
  • Leveraging RCM data and analytics to gain valuable insights into client health, such as clients at risk of churn or low utilization
  • Developing targeted retention strategies based on utilization data and payment patterns


Best Practices in Genetic Test Coding, Billing, Collections, with Prior-Authorization Insights

Clarisa Blattner
Sr. Director, MDX Support Services

Molecular diagnostics leaders face persistent and unique challenges in growing their laboratory’s market share; several important dynamics can play crucial roles in overcoming these challenges, including accurate code assignment, understanding payor medical policies and prior authorization requirements, and maximizing efficient claims reimbursement with an effective appeals strategy. This session provided a comprehensive overview of data-driven best practices in genetic test coding, billing, and collections, as well as insights into the prior-authorization process. 


Payor Policies for Genetic Tests and Whole Genome Sequencing Services: Billing Issues When Services Performed at Different Locations, Fresh Data on Denials, and Changing Payor Policies

Diana Richard
Sr. Director, Pathology and Strategic Development

The speaker session was designed to provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the complexities surrounding billing issues related to genetic testing and whole genome sequencing services.

The session focused on the challenges providers face when submitting claims for these services, particularly when they are performed at different locations. Attendees learned about the specific billing requirements that must be met in order to receive reimbursement, as well as strategies for overcoming common billing issues and denials.

XiFin is dedicated to helping its customers achieve a stronger financial base so that they can do more good for more people. Our award-winning revenue cycle management, laboratory information system, business intelligence, and patient access and physician engagement solutions enable our clients to reclaim profitability, maximize patient impact, and extend expertise. How can we help you? If you didn't get a chance to meet with us at Executive War College, no problem! Let's schedule a call.

  • How to utilize Advanced Analytics to measure client and sales profitability 
  • How to prepare your lab for the convergence of pharmacy and diagnostics 
  • Patient access and physician engagement approaches that help increase sales and reimbursement 
  • How to support complex processes such as prior authorization and appeals 
  • Real-world success stories from large, publicly traded diagnostic, lab, and pharmacy companies 

The Annual Executive War College Conference on Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory, and Pathology Management is the world's largest event focused exclusively on managing medical laboratories. The event gives you access to the thought leaders, experts, and analysts you need to develop the right strategies for your lab. 


New Orleans, LA


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