Benefits of RCM and LIS Integration

With the recent releases of both XIFIN RPM 10 and XIFIN LIS 5, our Revenue Cycle Management and Laboratory Information Systems, I thought it would be helpful to highlight some of the key benefits of integrating these two technologies.

While both solutions provide many tangible benefits, you will see that their combined capabilities deliver even greater return:

  • Intelligent automation
  • Highly configurable workflows
  • Improved business intelligence

Plus, the interoperability of XIFIN RPM and XIFIN LIS helps reduce manual data inputs and thereby increases accuracy. Putting it all together means optimized operations, improved cash collections, and faster revenue recognition.

XIFIN RPM + XIFIN LIS = Enhanced Capabilities:

Robust Automation and Configurable Workflow

  • Real-time web services update from XIFN LIS into XIFIN RPM
  • Eligibility workflow
  • Prior authorization capture and workflow
  • New client set-up and profile automatically gets pushed into XIFIN RPM
  • File structure allows clear mapping and associations
  • Instrumentation platform field enables workflow configuration and associates the appropriate billing codes

Enhanced Reporting and Machine Learning Enabled Business Intelligence

  • Final reports pass from XIFIN LIS to XIFIN RPM
  • Business intelligence reporting designed to deal with consolidation rules that have an impact on information differing between other RCMs and LISs
  • Ability to reconcile XIFIN LIS and XIFIN RPM data

Premium BI enables federated XIFIN LIS and XIFIN RPM data to one enterprise-grade business intelligence environment enhanced with subject-oriented data sets, next-generation analytics, and visualization.

 Enhanced Customer, Client and Patient Experience

  • One company to implement and support your revenue cycle management and laboratory information systems
  • Authorization flags within the XIFIN LIS workflow allows information to pass through to the patient and client portals. For example, clients can choose to have results released via the client or patient portals
  • Streamlined document upload and optional document management to assist with denials, appeals as well as patient and payor inquiries
  • Eligibility issues identified earlier with real-time feedback from physicians

Optimize Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Interface error reports assists with more timely filing
  • Ability to capture specimen count for prep of blocks and slides that are not billable
  • Appeals submission supporting documentation (final report requisition, clinical notes or relevant history) sent to XIFIN RPM

Want more information on these solutions and how they can help your business? Check out XIFIN RPM 10 and XIFIN LIS 5.


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