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The Path to Touchless Insurance and Address Error Resolution

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For the last few years, there has been a lot written and talked about on the topic of touchless claims. At its core, this topic is all about automation ― it starts with data accuracy in an effort to be more efficient, and reduce rework and costs. The net result, of course, is getting claims paid, faster.

In the diagnostics market, the constant pressure on reimbursement continues to force providers to find new ways to become more efficient and cost-effective, only to maintain their bottom line. With every touch of a claim or billable event, for example, to correct an error or update patient insurance information, diagnostic provider profitability and efficiency suffer.

XIFIN RPM now offers more insurance discovery and patient demographic data correction capabilities through its partnership with Waveland Technologies. XIFIN RPM Customers no longer need to toggle between a third-party application or leave the XIFIN RPM platform to correct insurance or address related errors. Waveland Technologies is pleased to be able to contribute to the success of XIFIN customers, by helping them resolve insurance-related errors in the most efficient way possible. Waveland Technologies is  an expert in data procurement and curation, whereby data from multiple sources is compiled for solving a unique set of problems, such as insurance discovery or patient address errors

XIFIN RPM customers now have options to reduce the amount of rework previously required to resolve these errors and the cost associated with that labor. With each automated resolution, there are fewer correspondences with the provider’s office staff, which was often a multi-touch task.

From a practical perspective, here’s how it works:

  • Within the XIFIN RPM workflow, certain codes can be pre-configured to automatically look for new or additional patient insurance data
  • Behind the scenes, Waveland Technologies can perform patient identification verification.
  • When the system identifies that insurance data is available, the information is automatically updated with the current billable insurance information
  • Then, the updated claim can be submitted for reimbursement with fewer human touches

By managing this insurance-related error processing within the RPM workflow the need for manual intervention is marginalized, thereby allowing diagnostic providers to reduce their manual review burden, the associated labor cost, and time-to-payment.

XIFIN customers who have used this new data-only approach to insurance discovery have increased productivity by minimizing the need to touch accessions, freeing staff to perform more valuable tasks.

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