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What's better? Me with an IT dept that is stretched thin or a company like XIFIN, that has a dedicated staff to develop a product and a staff to defend themselves. Security and these related issues will be better handled by those vendors. And the better solution is cloud for that reason.

Fritz Gartner
CEO, Applied Diagnostics

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More and more, laboratories of all types are turning to cloud computing to minimize time and resources that are dedicated to managing and maintaining complex hardware and software environments. Standardizing on cloud-based technologies is a strategic decision.

Fritz Gartner, CEO of Applied Diagnostics, joined with XIFIN to discuss how to standardize your laboratory with next-generation cloud-based solutions to improve operational efficiencies and position your organization to seamlessly address the new challenges of IT.

Learn more in this webinar recording, "The Future is Now: Leveraging Cloud-Based Technologies to Grow Your Healthcare Business."


Applied Diagnostics

Applied Diagnostics believes in the power and expanded role of pathology by making a concerted effort to systematically grow into a fully integrated laboratory specializing in hematological malignancies and oncology molecular diagnostics. Applied Diagnostics implements technologies and testing methodologies that enable it to provide precision oncology testing to its clients and their patients.

Houston, Texas
Organization Type:
Anatomic Pathology, Molecular Diagnostics
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Laboratory Information System
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