An Analysis of Outpatient Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing

An Analysis of Outpatient Revenue Cycle Management Outsourcing

A new survey of hospitals and health systems has identified a subset of respondents with significant need for more efficient and effective outpatient services revenue cycle management.  

Conducted by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, on behalf of XIFIN, the study explored members’ practices, attitudes, outcomes, and satisfaction levels related to the outsourcing of outpatient services RCM.

Additional key findings:

  • 22% manage inpatient RCM themselves and outsource some of their outpatient or ancillary RCM; 12% want to employ this approach in the future.
  • The top three business drivers that guide the approach to outpatient RCM are: patient experience, process optimization, and revenue generation.
  • The most challenging aspects of RCM not currently addressed by people, processes, technology, or services include denials and appeals management, prior authorization, and payor relations.

Read the full report to better understand the state of outpatient RCM outsourcing in hospitals.