XIFIN Partners with PWNHealth to Offer Lab Services for Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing, Employer-Based Screening, and Telegenetic Counseling

Services Provide New Growth Opportunities for XIFIN Customers

XIFIN Inc., a company in the healthcare information technology industry that revolutionized the business of healthcare diagnostics, today announced a partnership agreement with PWNHealth LLC, a virtual care company offering safe and easy access to diagnostic testing services and professional guidance. The agreement allows XIFIN to market PWN’s services as a complementary offering to XIFIN’s suite of connected health solutions – including XIFIN RPM, the industry’s most comprehensive medical cycle billing solution for diagnostic service providers – fostering new growth opportunities for XIFIN customers, and enabling them to gain a competitive edge in the emerging value-based healthcare paradigm.

Through the partnership, XIFIN customers can now access and deploy lab services in support of consumer-initiated testing and employer-based screening programs. In addition, XIFIN customers can access pre and post-test telegenetic counseling services. PWN’s 50-state physician and counseling network and strong technology platform enable the company to provide oversight of millions of diagnostic screens annually.

“XIFIN customers have a significant opportunity to meet the growing demand for consumer-initiated diagnostic testing under the guidance of licensed clinicians, as consumers become increasingly proactive about their health,” stated Lâle White, CEO of XIFIN. “Our agreement with PWNHealth will help customers bring to market a host of new services to better serve their clients, build profitable service lines, and create a compelling and competitive services portfolio to drive business growth.” 

PWN’s solutions go beyond traditional direct-to-consumer lab testing by incorporating physician and genetic counselor oversight. The company’s clinical team and clinical advisory board evaluate every test to ensure validity and utility in a clinical setting. Each test is then supported by an independently-developed protocol that determines exclusion criteria and when care interventions and medical counsel are required. These safeguards protect patients and lab partners from the challenges of traditional direct-to-consumer lab testing while simultaneously increasing consumers’ access to lab data on a scale that can revolutionize healthcare delivery.

PWNHealth CEO Sanjay Pingle stated, “Today’s labs require services that help empower all major stakeholders – including consumers, providers, and employers – to improve healthcare outcomes and costs. As a result of our collaboration, XIFIN can help its lab customers bridge service gaps and pursue growth opportunities that reach all of these markets.”

Serving the healthcare diagnostics market for over 16 years, XIFIN provides technology solutions, business intelligence, and consulting services to a broad range of the nation’s largest and most complex diagnostic service providers in the laboratory, radiology and medical device markets.

About PWNHealth

PWNHealth is a virtual care company that enables access to diagnostic testing, treatment and professional guidance that empowers individuals to improve their health. Using our national physician and genetic counselor networks, robust technology platform and patient services center we provide services to a broad range of health industry customers. PWN was formed with private equity backing through the acquisition of Medivo’s Clinical Services Division and Bind Health. For more information please visit

About XIFIN, Inc.

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company’s health economics optimization platform is a connected health solution that facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care. To learn more, visit or follow XIFIN on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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